Palin gets Media Enema..Again.

Palin gets Media Enema..Again.

In 2007, the media scrutiny of Obama was exactly like the scrutiny Palin is getting right now. Remember the MSM going after Obama’s birth records, his school records, his essays and all of his communications while he was a senator? You don’t? Oh yeah, me neither.

I’m not a “Palinite” Personally I think she’s a bit damaged. But I also know a lot of the “Damage” that I feel she has is related directly to media’s hate for all things “RIGHT”.

What I find disgusting is the failure of the “GOP” to defend her in the face of the most UNFAIR, BIASED and Slanted reporting ever in the history of politics. And SHE HASN’T EVEN ANNOUNCED HER RUN, She is NOT in charge of anything, she holds NO PUBLIC office… Yet the MEDIA is up her ass like suppository.

The “Ol Boys” of the GOP are going to allow this without much fan fare because it takes the heat off them. Without Palin, the media would be like a pack of rabid dogs nipping at the heels of Romney. Now the GOP would be thrilled with Romney as the nominee so it works out well for them. For me, it’s disgusting.

The one thing that is going to hurt Palin is her “Quitting” on AK. Okay, I can get past that. Many reasons, yada yada… She’s not running for office (Yet) and until she does, there is NO SHAME what-so-ever in defending her against this media enema. IF she decides to run for office, then you take her views, her words and weigh them against your own. IF you don’t like her, fine don’t vote for her in the primaries. If you don’t, DON’T VOTE For her. I’m waiting to see the field before I endorse ANY OF THEM.

All I’m doing here is (Contrary to what some may feel) calling out media hypocrisy. This is something that must be HIGHLIGHTED. IF Obama had to endure this type of media scrutiny in 2007-08 WE WOULD NOT HAVE OBAMA in OFFICE. PERIOD. IF the MSM was truly “Neutral” and sodomized Obama the way they have Palin, do you honestly believe Obama would have won in 08? I don’t.

So I’m asking all Conservatives to point this out. The saddest part of the entire thing is:

Sarah Palin is one of the 2 most conservative people even mentioned as a possible candidate. The other being Bachman (Allen West not withstanding). And what do you know, the media is pushing for the cat fight.

How about us conservatives start attacking the RINO’s in the race, and Obama rather than some former governor who may or may not even run?… Just a thought.

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  1. This attack on Palin is stupid. She is a private citizen. She isn’t running for anything (yet). This is more distraction for obama and his thugs. It’s like “magic”, watch this hand, but don’t pay any attention to this other hand that is killing jobs, the economy, healthcare, on and on. Between weinergate and the Palin colonoscopy, we have totally lost focus on what really matters in this Country…

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