And that issue is the 2nd Amendment. While we can disagree on Gay Marriage, ILLEGAL Immigration and a slew of other minor issues. WE SHOULD BE UNITED on this.

Lets look at a few things. The first is Obamacare. Nationalized health care is generally the first thing BIG GOVERNMENT advocates go after. The reason is its a HUGE gift from the state. It says the state will take care of you. Everyone likes to be taken care of right? The second thing is controlling the message through media. Big government advocates need to have their message plastered everywhere so that to think about the alternatives becomes extreme. You become a conspiracy theorist for questioning a message that’s so simple to understand. Even though it’s not the truth or even if its only part of the truth.

The third thing is to make you feel UNSAFE without the government. How best to do that? Well you could make laws against defending yourself. OR you can take the tools away that make defending yourself possible. Enter the 2nd Amendment debate.

Nobody in their right mind would try to eliminate the 2nd amendment outright. But, you can chip at away at its effectiveness. You can take the teeth out of the right. You can place labels on those who exercise that right. You can use terms like anarchist, extremist, Anti-Government militia. Or as we’ve heard lately, you can call people that support the 2nd amendment child killers.

You will also notice those who are for GUN CONTROL take the extreme path. Like Piers Morgan’s “So do you think you should be able to buy a tank?” debate points. But what Piers and all of these self righteous people are missing is the RIGHTS part of this debate.

Lets do this, lets put the same type parameters around every amendment based on some event that occurred.

1st Amendment: Under a new POTUS and a conservative super majority in 2016, It’s decided that protesting in the streets is now illegal due to safety concerns. You may still protest but to protect others, you must only protest in the fields outside of any city limits.

4th Amendment: Under the same ruling party as the above, beat cops can issue a warrant from their car using an ipad. No judge needs to be present as long as the search is on a university property or a starbucks.

I could go on an on with this and you would say.. Our government wouldn’t ever try that… I ask you to look back and think when you thought the same thing, yet here we are debating what kind of rifle and how many bullets I can have.

We are at a cross roads folks. There is some room for a compromise. It’s a simple one too. Background checks are not a bad idea. HOWEVER and this the BIG REASON I’M AGAINST THEM: What’s in it for me, a law abiding citizen?

Criminals don’t do background checks. Never have, never will. Criminals steal guns. Criminals buy guns that are stolen or transported from elsewhere in the world. Criminals don’t care about magazine limits either. So what in the background check legislation makes me want to continue to be a law abiding citizen? NOTHING. Matter of fact, if this is passed I’ll never buy another gun legally again. I’ll be a felon with a stroke of the pen.

Now there’s a compromise that can be had here. Lets say, I buy a gun and go through the wait period, background check, safety test, whatever.. I should be able to carry my firearm in any state in the nation. I should be able to carry it concealed or open because I HAVE BEEN VETTED BY THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. Right?

If background checks are truly what they say they are, to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill. IF I PASS THAT, THEN I SHOULD HAVE ZERO INFRINGEMENT TO MY RIGHTS!

We should unite behind the 2nd amendment folks. Democrats/Republicans/Conservatives alike. Because Obama will not be POTUS for ever and this is going to set another very bad precedent.


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  1. I use this benchmark as an indication of BULLSHIT when I hear it utilized by ANYone:

    “But it’s for the children.”

    That sentence is always followed by a whopping ass-load of LIES.


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