Obama’s Speech in OH….Campaigning again.

Obama’s Speech in OH….Campaigning again.

Watching the L.I.C. go on about his visions of America. I’m hearing all these plans and what the Democrats want for America….There’s a HUGE difference between this election cycle and the one in which Obama claimed power. Obama and the Democrats ACTIONS over the last 4 years has done NOTHING but hurt our nation.

Obama Gump

Americans are result oriented. Americans elected these idiots because the last idiots screwed up. NOW, we are remaking the Republican party. WE will remove these crooks, frauds and liars from power in November. WE will see the return of fiscal responsibility, economic growth and the decrease of the unemployment rate almost immediately. WHY? Because the people we will put in office are not ANTI-AMERICAN, they are not going to punish the job creators, they are not going to reward the slackers. Good Bye Demonrats, all the campaigning your L.I.C is doing is falling on deaf ears, his actions and your following him have sunk you.

Here’s a video of his speech, which translates roughly to “We need to come together and unite as Americans, right after I insult you for 45 minutes”

After 4 years of a DEMOCRAT Controlled Congress and 2 years of ALL three branches controlled by the Democrats. Where they removed liberty from their lips, enacted liberal policies after liberal policy by bribing and back room deals…Tell me, do you feel like “Coming together” with these idiots?

Buh Bye.

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