Obamanomics and the road to ruin

Obamanomics and the road to ruin

So Mr Obama has decided to gamble with the lives of innocent people to please his far left base. I hope the recent release of Gitmo detainees to Bermuda makes Code Pink and the left side of the aisle happy. Personally, I suggest we charge Obama with murder for any death related to any GITMO detainee released. So far we can attribute at least 1 count of attempted murder to a few that have been released, if not actual murder of American Soldiers. I would bet that Obama couldn’t really care less about American soldiers, he’s showed his cards when his fellow Muslim shot two of them on American soil.

Our President is so out of touch with reality it’s scary.

This brings me to another fine example of Obamanomics.

We have been responsible people, we have credit cards, and used them wisely, we have paid our bills on time, and our credit is excellent. We get a notice the other day that our BofA card is raising the rate to 21% on our existing balance…Mmmm sounds like typical punish the good folks to pay for the worthless fucks that are not paying….SO my solution is simple. I’m paying off the card post haste, and I’m pulling all of my accounts from them, there will be no more dealings with Bank of Obama. We have been with them for over 20 years, we have many accounts with them and we will be transfering everything to a credit union or local bank

Eventually America will wake and see this nightmare of Obama and when that happens, it will make Iranian elections seem tame by comparison!

Speaking of world issues:
Obama said he’d open a dialog with our enemies… How’s that working out for you there chief?

Obama apologized to  the world for our actions, and it was accepted and now there is peace on earth… Well unless you live on earth. Obama evidently lives in a parallel universe somewhere.

Iran is cleared to have nukes, North Korea is launching missiles at will, China owns us. Terrorists that have tried to kill Americans are basking in the sun in tropical islands, unemployment rates are the highest since the 20’s, and we are in so much debt that my great grand children will be born with a bill for 30k in their ass. ..

Needless to say Obama is doing exactly what we thought he would. Take us to a form of Government that Chicago is famous for, Corrupt from the top down.

While I realize the tendency is to say “The Repubs weren’t any better” and it is a fact, the Repubs are not in charge. I say remove them all!

Wake the fuck up America you are being taken for a ride and it’s not going to end well.

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8 Replies to “Obamanomics and the road to ruin”

  1. You think Obama is a Muslim. You are officially out of touch with reality.

    Please continue to showcase how insane the far right is, the rest of us are having a good laugh over the Republicans’ self-destruction. Could you maybe start a second blog, or start posting unhinged rants on youtube? Thanks!

    1. And that Dan is the problem, you think taking America to ruin is a joke, you laugh as we head down the road to destruction…But I understand, you are an idiot. You have been educated by a liberal system, you probably have been spoon fed your whole life and you need Obama to keep looking out for you… You are the reason we are in this mess and you are too damn stupid to see what you have done.

      Oh and for your enlightenment, where have you seen anywhere on this blog that I’m a Republican? They started us down this path. Your hero is just too stupid to make a right turn and right the ship… When the bullets start flying you need to duck, a little advice for the sheep like you.

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