Obamacare is a Noble Effort..

Obamacare is a Noble Effort..

But it was flawed from the start. Obamacare was passed on lies, deceit and blackmail. It was formed behind closed doors by the furthest left of center people in Government. It was sold to the moderates in the democrat party by bullies who threatened their careers. Obamacare was passed and signed into law without one single Republican vote. Not even the biggest RINO’s in the party signed on to this law.


I say that Obamacare was a noble effort because it was. I have no issue with trying to cover all AMERICANS health care. I think it’s a great idea if it’s done right.

But nothing can be done with this Obamacare disaster. It must be removed from the law books before the right solution to the issue can be obtained. The foundation of this Obamacare house is not only wobbly, it’s sinking and it’s built on toothpicks holding up steel. The foundation is the most important part of any structure and this Obamacare foundation is wrecked!


In order to fix the foundation, you have to demolish the top to get to it. What Obama is doing, is building more stories on top.

America needs to realize that the only way to fix Obamacare is to undo it totally and start over. That will require the left to admit they failed. That will not happen, they can’t admit Bill Clinton had an affair in the oval office. This is much bigger.


If Republicans can put out a message in 2014 that they can do better at fixing the healthcare problem than the democrats can, using free market solutions coupled with government oversight and some compassion to those TRULY in need. The Republicans can sweep all parts of Government.



The fact is, those of us on the right want to help people in need. Like a father wants to help his children through tough times. Mom may want to coddle the kid, even if the kid is 25 yrs old. Dad is going to see very quick that a 25 yr old kid who is playing video games all day and partying all night, might need more than coddling. A father might be first to say, “look ya little shit, get the F–K out and find a job.” Is the dad wrong? Would the dad be considered an uncaring father? NO. The father wants his kid to wake up and become an adult. Does that mean he cares less than mom? NOPE it means the father has had enough of enabling and is ready to fix the problem.

That’s what America needs now.

America needs some tough love from the Father in house.


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3 Replies to “Obamacare is a Noble Effort..”

  1. I agree that O-Care must be completely undone. However I disagree with your argument that it was a “Noble Effort”.
    Within your argument lies the premise that it was done with “good intentions”.
    O-Care was never about trying to cover all Americans. It was about breaking the entire health care industry and putting it under governmental control. It was about complete elimination of all current health insurance providers .
    It was about Obama further consolidating his power and for the Dems, it was also about forever eliminating any opposition to anything they might ever want to do.

  2. Dead wrong.

    You’d have to be a fascist to think Obamacare was a ‘noble effort’. Government control of industry through endless regulation, obliteration of any semblance of a free market, it was by design completely un-American.

    “I have no issue with trying to cover all AMERICANS health care.” <— There's your first mistake. There's NOTHING in Obamacare that could possibly have led to that result. You've mistaken a LIE told to sell the bill for the contents of the bill, which do precisely the opposite. Even the very first CBO look at Obamacare estimated that it would INCREASE the number of uninsured in America by around 13 million (what a lowball estimate!!!). Anyone familiar with Masscare, or willing to bother to look, would have seen the same result there: they sold it as a bill to get everyone insured, the result was the number of uninsured INCREASED.

    You know what actually WAS a "noble effort"? McCain's healthcare plan back when he was running for President in '08.

    Seriously, if you want to get behind some health insurance reforms, familiarize yourself with the free market reform ideas put forward by Conservatives. Don't dream about how the Democrat / Obama fascist plan in Obamacare might have worked if they'd just gotten this or that bit right. FASCISM NEVER WORKS. It never can, it never will.

    1. Thanks to Aarradin and Donald for your comments. I understand the time it takes to put your thoughts in writing. I do it often and I seriously appreciate your point of view. In my opinion you’re both missing the point..

      First, Covering every American is a NOBLE effort, just like protecting every person from harm is a NOBLE EFFORT. Think for a moment the word “Noble” its a word that denotes worthy. It would be awesome if we could cover everyones insurance and it not hurt anyone else, IF that can be done, then why not?

      Free market solutions won’t likely cover the slugs/criminals/miscreants/poor by circumstance children/elderly etc. Only a government program can do it. And I would support something the Government did in that regard as long as two conditions were met.

      1st NO ADDED DEBT

      In other words, GOVERNMENT would have to cancel/alter current programs that don’t work to fund this one. IF the benefits of the HEALTHCARE Government program only benefit the truly needy and those two conditions are met. THEN WHY NOT? In order to fund the NEW they must kill the old out dated draining programs then its a win and a step in the right direction.

      It will NEVER HAPPEN and I realize that too. But to take issue with the “NOBLE EFFORT” is placing your hatred of all things gov. in front of people. Personally, I think it is a noble to try, I think it was STUPID AS FUCK to do it the way they did it.

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