Obama vs Charities

Obama vs Charities

Who could have foreseen this problem, well EVERYONE with an IQ over 10.

White House, nonprofit groups battle over charitable deductions

The White House and the nation’s most prominent charities are embroiled in a tense, behind-the-scenes debate over President Obama’s push to scale back the nearly century-old tax deduction on donations that the charities say is crucial for their financial health.

So exactly who keep charities running? The government? No its those evil rich folks who share their good fortunes with those charities THEY WANT TO HELP. The government takes money from ALL of us to help those charities that fit their political leanings.

What do you think will happen when Obama’s tax increase hits the Rich? The charities rich people donate to will see a decrease in their donations. IF Obama reduces the deduction write off, the rich will reduce their donations to charity. But that’s okay right? It’s only rich peoples charities…

Here’s where the rubber meets the road. IF you are in that 2% who make over 250k a year and you donated to charity. STOP donating the minute your taxes are raised. IF you donate to anyone, donate to your faith based organization. That will come back to you ten fold. From the time this bill is signed until such time as Americans wake up, your money is your best weapon. Don’t buy anything other than your basic needs. No new cars, no new boats, don’t buy anything made in AMERICA. Stop all purchasing in this nation. You have been demonized for your success, you have given and they are demanding, not asking for more. Let them raise your taxes and you in turn show your worth by investing in OTHER NATIONS economy.

I make less than 100k a year so I’m supposed to benefit from this tax the rich policy right? I DON’T WANT IT. I am looking for the union label from here on out to find out what NOT TO BUY!. I’m witholding all my charity donations except to my church. I’m not giving one red dime to charities until Obama is gone. I have given THOUSANDS every year to united way/red cross and a few others. NO MORE. Let the government do it now.


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