Obama Using Gun Control to defuse Fast and Furious Scandal?

Obama Using Gun Control to defuse Fast and Furious Scandal?

Well let’s practice liberal/progressive thinking for a few minutes:

Gun Rights Advocates Wary of Coming Obama Measures in Wake of Tucson Shooting

Gun rights advocates are expressing concern over the Obama administration’s plans for a new gun control push six months after the shooting in Tucson, Ariz., and they warn that attempts to curb gun rights could provoke a political fight.

Attorney Alan Gura, who successfully argued two recent Second Amendment cases before the U.S. Supreme Court, vowed to give intense scrutiny to any new initiative the president puts forward.

“The gun rights community is going to look very carefully at the Obama administration’s proposals, and anything that interferes with the Second Amendment right as it is being enforced today by the courts will be tested.”

What we are seeing is the use of violence in another country, the use of violence against a member of congress to disarm the American people. However; The reasons Obama is acting has nothing to do with either. First, the violence in Mexico is because of Mexico’s corruption not guns from here. Guns from here seem to be flowing from the ATF not gun shows. Just sayin.

Second, The Gifford’s shooting has a lot less to do with gun rights than mental health. The guy was a nut and the “Gun control” measures in place failed to stop him. Doesn’t mean they weren’t tough enough it means they are a government entity and therefore are piss poor from the get-go. DMV, Post office, Education, Medicare, Medicaid pretty much anything the government controls the government screws up.

I submit two very important pieces of fact that are missing in the entire debate.

The violence in Mexico would stay in Mexico if the border were secure. IF guns are being traffic’d into Mexico from here, secure it and nothing goes down there that isn’t supposed to be there.

The Gifford’s shooting: IF the meeting wasn’t full of lefty retards, and someone actually had a gun in a state where it’s entirely legal to carry concealed with out any special license… There wouldn’t have been more than 1 person shot. PERIOD.

You don’t see this type of dumbassery at REPUBLICAN events in AZ do you? WHY? Because that would be the safest place on earth in regards to some lone gunman bent on mayhem. PERIOD.

IF Obama decides to use this slight of hand B.S to go around our 2nd amendment rights it’s time for impeachment process. It’s time to remove this anti-American POS from office. Up till now he’s been leaving the 2nd amendment alone. Now during his “Re-Election” campaign he’s going to make his base happy by screwing us. Time to take out the trash. What ever the idiot does is by executive order. Meaning that the next POTUS can undo it. That alone will be a great campaign strategy for the next POTUS.

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3 Replies to “Obama Using Gun Control to defuse Fast and Furious Scandal?”

    1. Yep Fred, one can only hope folks are paying attention. I’m not real optimistic man. Apathy is a motherfker. California is a typical benchmark of what can happen if people don’t get involved.

  1. Well, two, if the crazy dude decided to pull the trigger in the face of all those weapons …

    Even the Sheriff, who WAS there, is such a lefty he waited for backup before acting.

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