Obama the Uniter….

Obama the Uniter….

Well, I had planned on keeping my blood pressure in check today. I got up and started my work on a web design project and made a mistake. The mistake? Well, I left the TV on Fox News and “duh Won” Obama had a press conference…  😈

I listened for about 30 seconds before I could feel my blood boiling so I got up and started to change the channel.. But something kept me from actually pressing the button on the remote, I listened to “Asshat in chief” stutter his way into blaming everyone else but himself. I listened as he used kids and military as reasons for more tax hikes.. I listened and I realized I had smoke pouring out of my ears… Then came some questions from the media… I thought MAYBE, just MAYBE there’d be at least ONE good question… Nope, we got treated to a long winded answer about gay marriage.

Our nations future was evident in that press conference. America is now Europe. We are worse off than anyone realizes. We have a media obsessed with “Duh Won” and a media without an ounce of self pride in their journalism. We have a president who believes HE alone has the answers to every problem and the answer is TAX/CONTROL/BAN/DEMONIZE/LIE and DECEIVE…

Our nation is doomed. We will never again be the shining light on the hill. We are now at the very least equal in misery to the rest of the world and we are going to be 3rd world status by the time this asshole Obama is done.




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4 Replies to “Obama the Uniter….”

  1. Obama and the Libtards… If that was the name of a RAP group it might be funny…

    If we can maintain a Third World status after this goofy AFRICAN son of a bitch is done, we will be VERY lucky…

    And notice; I said AFRICAN… I didn’t call him a nigger… Oops 😈

    1. Yes, obama will save us all by taxing and spending us into prosperity…I’m still trying to figure out how my pay cut is helping me, but I’m sure the media will tell me at some point.

      Get off the drugs, you idiot.

      1. That clown “Power” is like herpes, it keeps coming back. It’s officially banned now. That kind of stupid can’t be cured without a loud bang and pink mist.

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