Obama speak.

Obama speak.

Yesterday we heard that the stimulus package saved 25 Police officers jobs. That’s great. BUT; The job losses since the stimulus package passed was about 600K. So in Obama speak we have saved/created jobs.

Rush Limbaugh is the new GOP spokesman/leader according to Obama, however most conservatives I know don’t consider him a leader they consider him a voice of reason, a media celebrity and a pain in the ass to liberals everywhere.

Rahm “Fucknozzle” Emanuel seems to think Rush called for America to fail, all of the liberal media says “Rush Limbaugh wants Obama to fail, and that is unpatriotic” Rush said I want Obama to fail in his attempt to socialize America. Clearly a difference to normal thinkers but the MSM is in love with Barack Hussein Obama and will only hear what they want to hear. I wish they would listen to me, I want that socialist piece of shit to fail too.

In Obama speak it is “Patriotic to agree with this policy” but it was PATRIOTIC to disagree with the previous administration.

In Obama speak a “Bi-Partisan” bill/legislation/policy is one that 3 Republicans backed, while a bill/legislation/policy that 111 Democrats supported was “GWB’s WAR”

In Obama speak “We are no longer going to be a nation of fear, we will be a nation of Hope” and “We do not need to rush into anything we should not be pressured by fear” only applies until he is in office then “We are in a catastrophe, it is dire and we must act NOW” is acceptable.

In Obama speak, “we will be transparent” means “After I shove all my liberal policies down your throat and write a check that me nor my daughters or their kids can pay for, I will allow you to see far less than GWB did and you will be grateful for it because I am the messiah”

In Obama speak it is Our duty to pay more taxes. Even though his treasury secretary doesn’t have to..nor does roughly 1/3 of his cabinet picks.

I can think of a few more but I’m still fighting this damn flu that I inherited from the previous administration.

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5 Replies to “Obama speak.”

  1. But here’s ANOTHER thing you need to realize about politicians, particularly Demorats:

    When Demorats call a figure in a budget a “cut“, THIS is what they mean by “cut”:

    A cut is not adding to a particular budget.

    For example:

    If your Food & Agriculture budget for FY 2008 was $800 million, and you DIDN’T receive another $100 million for FY 2009, your department “suffered” a “CUT.”


  2. Dammmm Robert, I knew GW was an stubborn ignoramus but I didn’t think he’d stoop so low as to give you the flu bug. :smiling:

  3. Dude,

    Great post for being sick. One day our fellow citizens will wake up and wonder what happened to their Freedom, sadly it may be too late to get it back.

    George Orwell was more of a Nostradamus than just a writer.

    Again great post my friend,


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