Obama LIED, the hell you say…

So now that Obamacare has passed and is law, the truth is finally coming out. We got tax payer abortions, we got a new TAX that was not a tax during the debate…AND many more “Truths” that we conservatives had been screaming about, and called liars….HA!

Then there is the little timeless act of “Blame Bush” Tell me something y’all, how many times did you see GWB blaming all of his woes on Bill Clinton? A lot of his minions did, but GWB himself didn’t make a habit out of it. And How many times did Bill Clinton go on camera and criticize GWB? How many tmes did Bill Clinton go on camera and “Defend” the blame leveled at him from Conservative talking heads?…

George Bush has been silent. George Bush is showing more class than ANY Democrat president since JFK in that regard. So what has Obama done? he’s single handedly brought down the White House’s dignified existance with his never ending blame game.

When Obama leaves the job (I pray SOON) do you think he will show the next president the same consideration George Bush has shown him? Our time honored traditions of give the next President some respect because he has a tough job went away with this administration.

Now lets discuss the excuses of Racsim: When Black liberals and Democrats disagreed with GWB during his time in office was it because he was white? Of Course not. And to say that 60% of Americans that are UNHAPPY with Obama during his time are Racists is just as ridiculous.

The argument is about the issues and it always has been the issues. It’s the JOB’s The deficit, the Spending, the HEALTH CARE LIES, the back room deals, the shady politics, the “pass the bill to find out what’s in it” Democrat rule that has America so pissed off.

How about that great institution known as the “MEDIA” you know the one entity that is supposed to investigate and report so the American people can be informed about our GOVERNMENT. When the media decides to dictate “What is newsworthy” in order to propel a certain party to power, the journalistic integrity vanishes. Now we are hearing that the so-called “Journalists” on some of the MSM payroll were deliberately “Squashing” any stories involving Rev. Wright. (And I bet as time goes on, Bill Ayers, Tony Rezko, and a host of others that may have given a clue to the masses about the kind of “King” Obama would be) This “reporting” may have well kept us from the nightmare that is occurring now.

My final thought on the Obama administrations lack of leadership, integrity, honesty and character…

All we have heard lately about our economic troubles is “It would have been worse” I submit it would have been better by now under a GOOD president. It wouldn’t have taken a GREAT president, a good one would have done. Someone with the good sense to look at historical data, make suggestions and policy based on sound data and a person that would remove their ideological goggles for the good of the country. I don’t know if John McCain would have been much better, but right now I’d settle for Mickey Mouse over the daffy duck we got…


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3 Responses to Obama LIED, the hell you say…

  1. How long will the dems continue to defend this jerk.

  2. Bush is coming out with a book, in September or November I believe. That couldn’t be more of the wrong thing at the wrong time.


  3. TexasFred says:

    You are accusing The Obamessiah of LYING??

    YOU RACIST!!! LMAO… Someone had to say it…

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