Obama deflecting again…

Obama deflecting again…

So, Obama decides to give warnings to Syria, talks red lines like a boss. Then after the red lines are crossed like a school girl playing hopscotch, he goes after America’s 2nd Amendment… Wow.

Think about that for a second. Just open your eyes for a second and your mind and think about that.

Obama wants to get involved in Syria because Syria bombed Syria. He wants to send the rebels, also known as Al Qaeda guns/ammo and other weapons. While at the same time eliminating YOUR Right to own firearms. Wow.

Personally, I’ love reading about muslims in Syria being killed by other Muslims in Syria. It gives me a chubby.

Here’s the facts folks listen up I’m only going to say it once.

The Obama presidency is the result of affirmative action. Its the result of a politically correct society gone impotent. Obama is what happens when a society decides that you can get something for nothing. Obama is what happens when a society fails to hold our leaders to the same standard as all the other leaders. When the bar is lowered because of the color of ones skin you get the Obama administration. And when that administration has 95% of the media in the tank you get the democrat party on steroids. You get exactly what we have now, you get a world in chaos because American leadership is missing, because the president of the most powerful nation in the world, is the enemy of the most powerful nation of the world. We have allowed a virus in the nations bloodstream and we have not yet realized the cure.

The cure is CONSERVATISM. Not RINOplasty, Not DEMOCRATS..

Time for a change…

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One Reply to “Obama deflecting again…”

  1. I am convinced that Obama is a Muslim. I don’t mean in a casual way, I mean a deeply devout Muslim that has lied his way to the top of the American political chain to become the most powerful man on earth.

    I am also convinced that Obama is a narcissist with a massive ego, one that can be used against him, and I believe that the Muslims that Obama has embraced see that too and are now engaging in an attempt to psychologically manipulate Obama into playing their game, their way.

    Obama is playing games my friend; he is trying to *game* the Syrians, the Muslim Brotherhood and the citizens of this United States of America. Obama is hoping that Congress approves his idea of striking Syria, even though there has been no solid proof that the Syrian regime gassed its own people, and failing that, with or without Congressional approval, he is going to hit Syria anyway.

    It’s that EGO thing, Obama is going to try and prove that he is a MAN. Sadly, he can’t SPELL man.

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