Obama and Co. Finally act and get it WRONG.

Obama and Co. Finally act and get it WRONG.

Libya… NOW they are going to engage in a MILITARY operation for oil? Can you tell me WHY if not OIL? Remember the cries about Iraq and the war for oil? Remember the 12 years of NO-FLY zone that came before the WAR? Can some liberpuke progressifuck tell me the difference?

U.S. to deploy more ships to support Libya planning

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The United States will deploy additional amphibious ships to the Mediterranean, the military said on Friday, as part of the Obama administration’s plans for responding to ongoing violence in Libya.

The USS Bataan Amphibious Ready Group will deploy on March 23 “ahead of its original schedule in order to relieve units from the USS Kearsarge (Amphibious Ready Group) currently positioned in the Mediterranean Sea,” it said in a statement.

Okay the Brits and French are in the lead this time FOR NOW. Let’s just say for the sake of argument the French have cold feet and drop out after one of their fighters get shot down or a pilot gets a hangnail… Who fills that void? That’s right children, WE DO.

Here’s why I say Obama got it wrong. It had nothing to do with finally supporting a no-fly zone. It has to do with leadership. Obama gave hope to the protesters, he gave them hope by his silence. he allowed MANY of them to get killed as they were hoping for help. A leader, especially the leader of the MOST POWERFUL NATION IN THE WORLD needs to LEAD. You lead by making your position clear. You lead by looking at the data and making a decision based on that data. NONE of the data he had suggested that the best course of action was silence and 18 holes of golf…

Fast forward to today. Obama makes a stand, a strong stand but the real courage in this debacle was in France and England.

Now let me say right off, I DON’T AGREE with the no-fly zone plan. I don’t agree with helping the protesters, I don’t agree with helping the tyrant. I would agree with Obama had he stated on day one “We will not be interfering in Libya’s revolution, this is up to the Arab league and Libya’s neighbors to deal with.” That would have taken courage, that would have taken will and an ability to lead. Obama has NONE if that.

As I stated in Texas Fred’s blog. They can all drop dead and I wouldn’t lose a seconds sleep. Matter of fact, if they scooped all the Libyan’s up and started air dropping them in the nuclear reactor at Fukashima, it would be a win win for the world.

If you can’t understand my animosity toward the Libyan’s you are either too young to remember Lockerbie or too stupid to understand payback.

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6 Replies to “Obama and Co. Finally act and get it WRONG.”

  1. A day late and a dollar short- as usual.

    I’m sure that our Community Organizer in Chief- who promised (koff) that there would be no ground troops involved- doesn’t realize that an AMPHIBIOUS assault ship is full of Marines. But then again, he isn’t sure what Marines do…except for saluting when he goes golfing.

    What I’m wondering is- is this going to be something else unprecedented by our breakthrough president in that for the first time in 235 years—- our military will be under command of a different nation?


    1. Prasad, You do huh? Please enlighten me on your reasons. Also let me know if you felt the same way about Iraq. Please let me know I’m really interested in your opinion…My opinion is WELL documented and I’m willing to elaborate on it.

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