O.W.S injures 2 Officers in CA.

O.W.S injures 2 Officers in CA.

The story:

Officers injured during clash with ‘Occupy’ protesters at California Capitol
SACRAMENTO, Calif. – At least two law enforcement officers were injured during a clash with members of the Occupy movement who were at the state Capitol to protest a rally by a pro-white group.

The clash erupted about 3 p.m. Monday as California Highway Patrol and Sacramento city police officers were escorting about 35 members of the South Africa Project to a parking garage following their protest outside the Capitol building.

An Associated Press photographer says roughly 50 members of Occupy Oakland began throwing cans and bottles at the South Africa group and at the officers. The Occupy members then rushed the officers as people with the pro-whites group rushed into the parking garage.
A city police officer was injured when a member of the Occupy group jumped on him, and a CHP officer was hurt after being struck by an object. Both were taken from the scene by ambulance. At least two Occupy members were arrested. The violence abated after a large contingent of law enforcement arrived at the scene, about one block from the Capitol. (Bold type MINE)

Now let’s not put the ownership of the violence on OWS.. Of course not, it’s the PRO-WHITE group. The first thing I thought was Neo-Nazi’s or some other Socialist/Racist group… BUT let’s look into the “South Africa Project” for a minute.

From their website: South Africa Project

Right now the South Africa Project with this brand new website is launching a national campaign that will hopefully  set in motion a domino affect, that  if effective, will unleash an outcry from White voices around the world that will thunder the heavens and ring in the ears of honest, decent, caring individuals in and outside of the political spectrum from around the world. Which hopefully will shock the conscience, forging action, that will bring a stop to, the  ATROCITY of GENOCIDE of Whites blacks in South Africa and around the world.

Here’s the mission of the project:

South Africa Project is launching a campaign to draw concerned men and women to appeal to the masses of White Black citizens of the international community, to convince them to ban together, to form a human tidlewave, a tsunami of flesh, a flood  of outrage that will command attention and action from our lawmakers, our congressmen, our senators, our governors, our politicans and media moguls of every strain, to convince, if not convict them, of the growing threat to the White Black South African.

I  struck through  the word “White” from the statement and inserted word “Black” to not offend anyone. See how simple it is? IF black genocide is happening and Blacks call attention to it, then it’s okay. WHITES on the other hand must be racist if they care… Pretty simple once you understand the rules I guess.

Here’s some more about the GENOCIDE occurring in South Africa from their website:

It is the genocide the world does not want to know about. The silent genocide of whites in South Africa is denied in and outside of South Africa.

This past week saw more farm murders. The body count of white farmers and their families killed by racist blacks is just piling up. Almost 3800 already. Following the murder of Afrikaans farmer Koos Grobler (64), near Tzaneen, who was bludgeoned to death with spanners and pipes, an Afrikaans farming couple, Charlotte Bekker, 60, and Martiens Bekker, 68, were found with multiple stab wounds on their farm in the Heidelberg area.

I hold the ANC directly responsible for this with their youth leader Julias Malema singing, “Kill the Boer; Kill the farmer” at public gatherings.

Why, oh why are we not avenging these deaths? Why are we letting these bastards get away with this?

The killing is only going to stop if we hit back and make a few examples out of them.

As of right now. I see NOTHING wrong with standing with the farmers of South Africa.. As of right now I see nothing WRONG with the actions of the South African project. However; Because they use the word “White” in their mission statement, their success in America will be nearly impossible. IF you take the word “White” out of your vocabulary and use “Farmers” instead. Perhaps a few more folks will look into the cause. White people are okay to hate around here, all other races are victims of white people or so we are led to believe.

So the OWS crowd immediately took offense to people trying to stop the murder of innocent people on foreign land. Good to know.

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