Norway Shooting, Right Wing Terrorism…

Norway Shooting, Right Wing Terrorism…

Let me add a few more salient thoughts on the murder of 93+ people in Norway yesterday.

The anti-gun zealots seem to be latching on to this incident as a reason to add more stringent gun control measures in the USA.

This is not new, they’ve been using every murder by gun as a reason for advancing their agenda of disarming American Citizens.

What I have a real problem with is them telling me I can not protect myself from those who wish to do me or my family harm. We have seen it time and time again, the victim was unarmed the assailant was armed.

In a criminal action: Those with the gun make the rules. Those with the gun have the choice between mercy or violence, death and life. I prefer to have that choice myself. I prefer to have the ability to vote on the choice. IF you don’t feel the need to participate in that scenario its entirely up to you. IF you have such faith in your fellow man that you are willing to put your life in his hands, knock yourself out. I am all for your choice to do just that.

In the incident in Norway, a lone gunman for whatever reason took 93+ lives because HE COULD. IF you dispute that simple truth you are an idiot. Had there been some basic security in place and followed HE wouldn’t have killed anyone or very few. Another truth that is indisputable. Now comes the fun part…

The attacker came upon the camp dressed as a cop. A police officer in uniform is immediately deemed non-threatening. Therefor, it’s understandable to some degree that he was able to kill many. IF an armed cop, gave commands to a captive obedient audience, telling them to get into a perfect range and alignment for “Head count.”  It would be the perfect kill position. I can buy that scenario. I can even understand them obeying the commands because they are not going to QUESTION AUTHORITY right off. Even though there should have been questions. “Why was a cop there, we didn’t call one” But then again there was the truck bomb. So the cop saying something like “There’s been an attack in Oslo and I need to count heads” could diffuse any “Questions”

Truth be told this scenario would probably play out better in a CONSERVATIVE gathering than a liberal gathering here in the states. WHY? Because by ideology alone we view cops as the good guys. Yes there is a libertarian streak that doesn’t like some of the cops duties or actions. But as a whole Conservatives are LAW ABIDING. You don’t see conservative rally’s where the cops are called and we’re throwing rocks. You don’t hear of Rightwing Anarchist rallies. You don’t see it here in the states YET.

Where I’m going with this is simple. Liberals/Progressives/Conservatives alike should be afforded the ability to prevent their lives from being snuffed out by some nutjob. The left is the party of gun control. The left is the party of ANTI-GUN congressmen/women. The LEFT side of the aisle is the side that wants you unarmed. The RIGHT Side wants you to have the ability to NOT BE A VICTIM by your own hands. I want you to have that ability as well. I want an AZ style gun law in every state in the nation. I want everyone to be suspicious of EVERYTHING, ask questions demand answers. I want the FREEDOM to live and let live for everyone. I demand my right to bear arms and YOU SHOULD TOO. Liberal, conservative or Progressive.

IF you are so worried about us “Rightwing Extremists” Please by all means ARM YOURSELVES. DO not allow a Rightwing Christian/Islamic terrorist/Leftwing anarchist to dictate the length of your life. That is GODS job.

We can and should be united in this cause. ALL political party’s should be aligned on this one issue. Madmen come in all colors and it’s not possible to see where the next one will come from. What is possible is to be prepared to deal with him/her at all times. And our GOVERNMENT doesn’t have the right to deny you that option.

It also should be agreed on by all party’s that a total government control of personal firearms is NOT acceptable. It should be a universal right that crosses all political boundaries, yet it doesn’t. WHY?

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