New Year, Same Problem… ISLAM.

New Year, Same Problem… ISLAM.

The new year barely a day old and the Islamic religion strikes again. I wonder will we go another year fighting the same old MYTH that Islam is the Religion of Peace?

Christians are Being Massacred; 21 Now Dead in New Years Day Attack in Egypt

Alexandria (AsiaNews / Agencies) – A car bomb exploded last night outside a Coptic church in Alexandria, Egypt, just before Mass ended. The death toll from the bloody attack is, for now, 21 dead and 43 wounded. An eyewitness sport to reprters of a real “blood bath”, with dozens of mangled bodies lying on the ground. The explosion was followed by clashes with between Christians and Muslims in the streets adjacent to the church.

A local priest has said the toll could have been much worse if the car had exploded just a few minutes later. After the attack witnesses say that many of the faithful gathered outside the charred remains of the car singing “We offer our lives and our blood through the Cross.” The attack of last night brings to mind the October 31 massacre in Baghdad, in the Syrian Catholic cathedral, and the Al Qaeda threat against Christians in Egypt.

Another “I wonder” IF in the United States of America, Muslims started being massacred would the Islamic world be silent? Would their be outrage in our own media? Would our POTUS mention CHRISTIANS as the culprits?

I say again, if I was in charge things would be a lot different. We have tried the “Extend our hands” we have tried to defuse the turmoil with appeasement. It doesn’t work and it hasn’t work since ISLAM was CREATED. The only thing the Muslim faithful understand is violence. OUR way of dealing with them is FAILING. Time for a crusade to cleanse this earth of the disease known as Islam. Oh I know that’s wrong huh? because Muhammad Ali and Kareem Abdul were Muslim….

Well folks here’s the deal.

Muslims as a whole seem to be fence sitters. They are scared that their BROTHERS in war will win and if they are seen colluding with the west, they will suffer the wrath. That’s the only explanation I can come up with as to why “Moderate” Muslims continue to sit out when attacks like this happen. The arguments of the liberal progressives are falling on deaf ears. We have tried to be tolerant we have tried to be understanding to no avail.

IF I were in charge…

An attack of this nature would cost Islam a Mosque. The perpetrators of this massacre worship in a mosque somewhere, and that place would be leveled within an hour of the attack. ANY terrorist attack would be countered with destruction of a mosque. Starting with those in the country of the perpetrators. At first, I’d be nice about it though, I’d make sure the building was empty. After about two attacks, the buildings would be full of ragheads in ass up position.

This is probably the reason I’d never get elected to office. I’d solve the Islamic idiot problem by either pushing it to all out war, in which case it ends when there is nobody left to fight. OR it ends when the Islamic moron cult realizes they can stand with freedom of religion or die. PERIOD.

Welcome to the new year same as the old year….

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7 Replies to “New Year, Same Problem… ISLAM.”

  1. After the ashes cooled on the mosque site I would probably go Black Jack Pershing on their asses and slaughter a few pigs on the site.

    It’s too bad you will never be elected, but you are right, anyone with common sense and a brain in their head has no chance.

    1. BillyBob, exactly. Time to quit FKIN around, changing hearts and minds works when political ideology is the only factor. When you have religious edicts driving the enemy, and death is their victory in battle. We need to grant their wish in mass.

    1. Sarge, we’ve had the war on the horizon for over 20 years. The “Live and let live” philosophy only works when both party’s adhere to it. We have smacked the hornets nest in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Now that we have them scattered we need to eradicate them since they refuse to move to the 21st century. An All out jihad against the jihadi’s is about the only way left. I’m not willing to continue losing MY freedoms because folks I’ve never met want to kill me.

  2. We continue to appraise the Muslim issue with Western Minds. That perspective will only, eventually, get us subsumed and killed. We in the West have a difficult time thinking there are actual persons who would kill us, wipe us out entirely, to every man, woman and child, simply for not prostrating ourselves to a given god — THEIR iteration of a god. ONLY.

    That kind of a mindset DOES exist. We keep telling ourselves: no, that’s not so. It’s because they’re poor. It’s because they’re downtrodden. It’s because they live in hot climates. It’s because they don’t have their own lands. It’s because it’s because it’s because it’s because blah blah blah.


    It’s because they’re Muslim and there is only ONE true god and ONE way of looking at a god. Further, they can’t even AGREE on the ONE true way of “honoring” that one true god.

    And so-called “moderate” Muslims are themselves deluded and, moreover, fearful to make their true beliefs publicly held. “It is better to be feared than loved,” say the Islamists.

    Consider their roots: bedouins, nomads, tribal, misogynistic, territorial, barbaric, agrarian. They are the current-reality versions of Borg.


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