More Gun Control Needed… NOT

More Gun Control Needed… NOT

I’ve heard about all I can handle about the need for more “Gun Control”

After every shooting involving “White people” there’s a common chorus of elite liberals screaming about more gun control. We have the far left idiots who really want confiscation, to the “Gun Supporters” who think we should do more to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people.

Here’s the problem with both ends of the argument folks, very simply put:

1. Confiscation- The 2nd amendment keeps that from happening. For now. If the only people with guns are the law and the government. The people are then subjects. This is bad and has been proven bad throughout history.

2. Gun Control- If we find people who are so dangerous that they shouldn’t be able to possess a gun legally, shouldn’t they be locked up immediately? Why would we let someone walk around freely who is identified as a threat if he/she got a gun? why are they freely walking the streets?  If you can determine that a person is dangerous, or could be dangerous in 10 years, why do we need judges, jury’s or DA’s? We can just shoot them before they do something right? NO.

Facts are miserable things. The one state in the nation that REVERSED its position on gun control and actually went to full 2nd amendment support is Arizona. They don’t require a permit to carry a firearm open or concealed. They don’t require registration either. You can pick up a gun like you do a pack of skittles for the most part. And the results since they’ve done that? CRIME IS DOWN throughout the state by a very large margin.

The laws that are in effect in CA are many: Registration, 10 day wait, Background Checks, Magazine Capacity limits, gun type bans and ammo stamping etc. Has that stopped gun crimes? Murders? Mass shootings? Nope, so the Cannibals (Those who say they support the 2nd amendment) say we can do more to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people. The Liberals want confiscation…

There’s a lot of common sense arguments against any more gun control in these United States of America. The problem is, the anti-gun crowd lacks common sense. They fail to see the unintended consequences that are possible/probable.

Legal American citizens, Legal Driving American Citizens being killed by Illegal Drivers, Illegally in the country. That happens more than AR-15’s are used in crimes yet there’s no outrage over it.

Drivers of vehicles kill more people than guns do by a very wide margin. We’ve made several laws against drunk driving, people still drive drunk. We don’t limit the cars ability to go faster than 65MPH do we? Why do you need to go faster than that?

There’s so many ways we can protect life rather than focusing on the tool that is used to take life. Liberals/Progressive elites look at the American public as too stupid to be able to own guns, except for them of course. Truth be told, there’s plenty of folks who probably shouldn’t have guns and I DON’T WANT THEM DISARMED because I have a feeling they’re bad people. I just want the ability to defend myself and others from them should they truly be bad.

Wake up folks, no more baby steps to confiscation. Hold the line where it is or reverse course on the control issue.

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2 Replies to “More Gun Control Needed… NOT”

  1. Further, here’s what happens when most of these idiots shoot persons in schools, malls or other areas: when they hear officers are responding, they invariably shoot themSELVES. They do NOT wish to face OTHERS with guns.

    No armed response = a continuation of the shooting.

    This fails to get mentioned again and again.


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