Middle East thoughts….

Middle East thoughts….

A few headlines about the Muslim East:

US closes embassy in Syria, pulls out diplomats

US imposes additional sanctions on Iran

Ayatollah: Kill all Jews, annihilate Israel

Obama has issued an executive order to sanction the Iranian central bank and freeze Iran’s assets here in the USA. Not a bad move IMO, the timing is suspect though.

Iran who has been at war with western ideals for century’s should know by now that election years are never a good time to poke the tiger in the eye with a stick.

Syria, has begun to stop this wonderful Arab Spring Obama loves… With the help of China and Russia.. Oh yeah the “Reset Button” diplomacy. The “We need to talk with them” countries… Obama during his run to the White House in 08, never missed an opportunity to bash GWB about his foreign policy. For 3 years has tried to “Negotiate” with Iran. How’s it working there king?

Egypt is exploding, Iraq is exploding, Syria is exploding, Iran will soon explode with the help of Israel. Good job there Obama and Hillary. Well done with the non interventionist strategy and the support of the “Rebels” who we didn’t know…. (Well MOST KNEW, just not the folks who are in charge)

What we have here is a President who is not willing to get his hands dirty. Pushing a button on a drone is clean and easy. Dead folks don’t need to be housed and they aren’t used as political tools for the base of the democrat party. He stayed away from Egypt except to support the overthrow of Mubarack. He stayed away from Iran’s uprising because Iran wouldn’t like it. He intervened in Libya because of oil for our friends. He is staying away from Syria’s uprising because it would cause him to make a decision.

Iran and Syria are one and the same. Syria’s government is aligned with Iran. IF we helped the people of Syria overthrow Assad, what’s the worse that could happen? We’d get another ruler that is aligned with Iran and wants Israel dead? The muslim brotherhood takeover? What’s different?

If there was one country in the middle east who we should help overthrow a dictator, it would be Syria. But nope, we’ll throw folks like Mubarack who kept peace with Israel under the bus, we’ll spend our money dropping bombs on Gadafi, who hasn’t done anything since Reagan sent a missile through his front door. But leave Iran and Syria’s uprising to chance… Odd huh?



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