McCain and Palin’s court is what we need.

McCain and Palin’s court is what we need.

The liberal nutbags are all in a twitter, they are worried about Sarah Palin’s impact on the McCain’s ticket. I stumbled across this at the Huffington (Too stupid for words) Post:

McCain’s Court: Change We Don’t Need

There has been much debate about whether Sen. John McCain is a candidate of change. But in one area, McCain is unquestionably a reformer. He would almost certainly make fundamental changes in the direction of the U.S. Supreme Court.

McCain has said that, should he be president, Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Samuel Alito “would serve as the model for my own nominees.” He regularly attacks what he calls “activist judging,” and he described a recent ruling vindicating the right to habeas corpus as “one of the worst decisions in the history of this country.” McCain has repeatedly said that Roe v. Wade was wrongly decided and should be overruled.

If McCain is elected, change would clearly be coming to the U.S. Supreme Court. And in constitutional law, the Republican presidential nominee is anything but conservative. Once skeptical of the idea that the court should overrule Roe v. Wade, he now invokes the clichés and code words of the extreme right. His votes have matched his words, for he has been a proud and enthusiastic supporter of President George W. Bush’s most extreme appointees to the courts of appeals.

Recently McCain complained of “the common and systematic abuse of our federal courts by the people we entrust with judicial power. For decades now, some federal judges have taken it upon themselves to pronounce and rule on matters that were never intended to be heard in courts or decided by judges.”

In his view, the “system of checks and balances rarely disappoints,” but “there is one great exception in our day”: the Supreme Court. McCain aims to eliminate that exception. It is more than mere speculation to suggest that with judicial appointments, McCain may well follow the extreme right-wing of his party.

The court is already dominated by Republican appointees, and in the last 20 years, it has shifted dramatically to the right. The next president is expected to be able to appoint at least one — and possibly as many as three — new members. Even a single appointment would likely shift constitutional law in major ways.

The right to choose remains sharply contested within the Supreme Court — and the Republican Party and the pro-life movement have long sought to eliminate that right. The McCain-Palin ticket plans first to “return the abortion question to the individual states” and then “to end abortion at the state level.”

This is the real deal guys, the most idiotic liberal trash like Hufpo readers even see it. They know why this election is so important, it is truly a matter of life and death.

I want the next SCOTUS judges to be more to the RIGHT than the ones departing. The robe wearing elitists that will be leaving have RUINED our nation, they have been responsible for GENOCIDE, they have been responsible for the moral compass of our nation dropping below the gutter level.

IF the HUFPO Readers see the real issue why is it so hard for US on the right side of the aisle to see it? Vote McCain/Palin if for no other reason than to see if Ruth Bader Ginsberg can hang on another 4 years so her seat is filled by someone as liberal as she is.

We need a hard RIGHT turn from the SCOTUS, this court has left the reservation on several issues and it has made the “Thug life” easier, Enemies of America stronger, and killing the innocent seem normal.


There is no guarantee that McCain will pick a solid Conservative judge, but he sure as hell won’t pick a Ruth Bader Ginsberg type libtard.

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7 Replies to “McCain and Palin’s court is what we need.”

  1. The future of the Supreme Court alone makes this Presidential Race one of the most important in our lifetimes. We need to eliminate judicial activism.

  2. This is indeed a top issue for this election. The court has migrated farther and farther left since WWII. It is time for a correction. McCain will more likely do what needs doing. He often strikes out on his own but this one issue seems solid.
    Obama will look to fully liberalize this court. If he can seat three with his perspective the court will jerk wildly left.

  3. @ablur: I think there are 2 judges now that are “hanging on” for that very reason, they want to make sure they are replaced by like minded individuals. I hope that will be rewarded in the afterlife when they meet their maker and have to explain their actions.

  4. Uh, you DO realize that the HuffPo readers that DO get it will soon be banned for saying so don’t you??

    Just like Kos and DemocraticUnderground, if you don’t drink the fruit punch and die, they’ll kill you anyway, retroactive abortion in their minds…

  5. SCOTUS is THE reason that, from the very BEGINNING, I took a stand and proclaimed I would vote for McCain. ANY McCain choice for SCOTUS must, by its very nature, be better than a choice made by an Obama administration. Whosoever controls SCOTUS actually — at this point — controls the country in a definite fashion.


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