Mandela Funeral Selfies…

I understand why Obama had to go pay his respects to Mandela, believe me I get it. I understand it better than a lot of folks. The reason is ideological as well as racial. It’s the belief that Mandela did for South Africa what the civil war did for the USA. Its the liberals understanding of reality that allows that thinking.

South Africa SINCE Apartheid was reversed has spiraled into the murder/rape capital of the world. It’s economy is suffering and the corruption would be the worst in the world if it wasn’t for the United States and Mexico… (Joke about the USA part but its getting bad)

So Apartheid was a racist type of governing. But if you look at what has happened since it was reversed makes one wonder if there was a real good reason South Africans needed separation? The surrounding areas of South Africa are savage. Allowing “Equality” without education and civilization might be a recipe for disaster. Then came the ANC.. Remember the stories of “Necklacing”

Flash forward to now. Obama goes to South Africa for the funeral and takes selfies? There didn’t seem to be a lot of mourning. What it appeared to me was a chance for Obama to appear “King like” and give a speech to the world bashing everyone who disagrees with him. He took selfies, he laughed, he joked with Denmark’s leader..Our President represented us like The godfather represents his mob at a meeting of other mob bosses.


The left is making excuses for Obama’s selfies.. I have but one question: If President Ted Cruz goes to Carter’s funeral and he took selfies with Rand Paul and Mike lee.. Will that be okay? If Sarah Palin and President Scott Walker took selfies at Obama’s funeral will they be fine with it? Absolutely not and they wouldn’t do it.

The problem goes back to what I’ve been saying for many years: The Bar is lowered for Obama. The expectations are so low for Barack Obama that everything he does is accepted and excused. To NOT understand why is racist. To expect CLASS from Obama’s administration is to not understand black folks… NO President in the history of America would be as arrogant or classless as to take selfies at a funeral. Except now….

How do you like this transformation?

Obama Conceit

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  1. TexasFred says:

    I made a little addition to this post about the most conceited ASSHOLE in the world…

  2. Woodsterman says:

    You and I would be “Necklaced” if Duhwon had his way.

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