Lady Gaga… Courageous.

Lady Gaga… Courageous.

Yeah real courage huh? I think not. Real courage would be standing up to those of a certain religion that STONES her kind. The LBGT Group LOVES to bemoan the Catholic/Christian/Jewish religions, they will go out of their way to do things that offend the sensibilities of those religions. But do you think they would have the courage to do it Islamic believers?

Lady Gaga outrages Catholics during Holy Week with new single ‘Judas’

Pop provocateur Lady Gaga has managed to outrage and insult many Catholics by leaking her new song, “Judas” just two days before the start of Holy Week.

“It’s always edgy and always (about) our religion,” Bill Donohue, spokesperson for the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, said about frequent pop culture attacks on the Church. “(And) all during Holy Week.”

See putting up something like this with the Muslim religion would require REAL COURAGE. What you have here is the bully mentality. The Mob mentality is evident. They can do this stuff and appear “Courageous” to their like minded fans and friends, yet the world as a whole sees it as ridiculous, cowardly and not worth the time to watch.

The entire thing makes me sick, not because she is a no talent bitch, but because she has no courage, she and those like her are nothing more than enablers to the Islamic cult. I guess if Christians decided it was open season on entertainers and started bombing, beheading and stoning all that insulted Jesus Christ perhaps this stuff would stop all together? It’s worked well for Islamapukes. Fear is a serious problem in this nation, our entire entertainment industry is so scared of the “Wrath” of Islam, that the only way they can denigrate a religion is to target us.

Is it time to fight fire with fire? Is it time to run amuk in the streets and proclaim we are the religion of peace too?…


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7 Replies to “Lady Gaga… Courageous.”

  1. Once again the Moozes prove their unfitness to reside anywhere near civilized folk:

    For Electing Christian President, Nigerian Muslims Riot, Kill 100 Christians

    Muslim rioters in Nigeria protesting the just concluded presidential elections have killed more than 100 Christians and burned down more than 40 churches in an attack that began yesterday.”–

    If “Lady” Gaga & the rest of the so-called entertainers in this degenerating cesspool of a once decent country actually had any courage, integrity, or honor, they’d use what little talent they have in fighting the spread of a 6th century cancer.

  2. Total Madonna wanna be. That being said it wasn’t that bad. I mean the lyrics talk of loving Jesus but that she feels “bad” so is embracing her bad side.

    Damn. I cannot believe I am defending Gaga.

    1. Not at all Jenn, don’t feel bad. And I’m not about to say I listened to the song. I haven’t. All I’m saying is any mention of the Prophet Muhammad (Piss be upon his pedophile ass) is taboo. My post was more about the lack of courage of GAGA and her ilk. It’s easy to bash Christians because we rant in words not swords guns and bombs. Perhaps what is needed in the entertainment world is COURAGE to take on Islam the way they do others. How fun would that be? Wouldn’t it be great if Islamic nutbags didn’t get to dictate what is acceptable and not? That’s what we have now. Media/entertainment/printed news walks on eggshells to avoid the islamic wrath, however they are STANDING UP AGAINST CHRISTIAN OPPRESSION? WTF…

  3. You have to love the irony of the courageous artist – can’t offend the Religion of Peace because you are afraid of getting whacked in any manner of horrible ways. Fear peace? what an odd concept.

    1. yep Fleece, not a lot of courage if ya ask me. When someone in Hollywierd decides to be “Fair” with the other religions I may actually give them a little respect.. Until then they can all go Fk themselves.

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