Korean Tinderbox ready to blow…

Korean Tinderbox ready to blow…

Hello is anyone listening? Look at the past to see where this is headed.

War rhetoric rises between North and South Korea

SEOUL, South Korea –  One month after a deadly exchange of artillery fire, the two Koreas ramped up their rhetoric, with South Korea’s president pledging unsparing retaliation if attacked again and a top North Korean official threatening a “sacred” nuclear war if provoked.

South Korean troops, tanks and fighter jets put on a thundering display of force Thursday as President Lee Myung-bak visited with soldiers at a base near the border, while North Korea’s elite marked a key military anniversary by lashing out at the South for encouraging war.

For both countries, the rallying cries and military maneuvers mainly seemed designed to build support at home. But they raised fears anew of all-out war on a peninsula that New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson called a “tinderbox” after returning from a visit to the North Korean capital this week.

In the past on our national holidays, Kim Jung Ill has always made a move. Be it test firing a nuke or testing some other banned by the UNSEC weapon. The midget in the north has managed to take the attention away from our holiday’s in order for him to get attention.

How many “Tests” can we allow before action is taken? How many threats must we endure?

Lets put it like this so even liberpuke progressives can understand. Iran is always threatening Israel with nukes but they as of yet don’t have that capability. We do not have 30k AMERICAN SOLDIERS on the ground in Israel. North Korea DOES have Nuclear Capability and they are threatening to use it on OUR SOLDIERS in South Korea.

This is a test of our resolve and the door is open to eliminate the North’s ability to use nuclear weapons RIGHT NOW.

But then again we sent a progressive Democrat to discuss this grave concerning issue. Bill Richardson went and sucked off Kim Jung and his son, came back telling the world exactly what the Norks wanted him to say. How is this helpful?

Right now is the best time for the North Koreans to act. They are the enemies of the south and western world. The western world has cowards in the leadership. IF the NORKS acted, and invaded the South there will be MANY MANY DEATHS and the south will fall in a matter of days.

WHY? because our fearless leaders will go through the UN for any reaction. There will be evacuations while the security council meets to discuss sanctions on the Peoples Republic of a unified Korea….Under the rule of Kim Jung and son….

Someone better act before this explodes. You can’t put the genie back in the bottle once the cap is off..

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