KC Chief’s player kills himself

KC Chief’s player kills himself

I’m about to sound real heartless here…


KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher fatally shot his girlfriend Saturday, then drove to Arrowhead Stadium and committed suicide in front of his coach and general manager

I’m sorry for the family of this SELFISH, SELF ABSORBED, COWARD who put all the people around him in a miserable state today. I’m sorry for the family of the girlfriend who was killed by this spoiled piss ant who had the world by the balls, I’m sorry for the kid who is now an orphan because of this sorry ass professional sports star who had too many problems to deal with.

The Chief’s or the NFL or even the media shouldn’t memorialize this selfish asshole. They should take his body, light it on fire and dump it in a hole. When you memorialize this guy because he was a sports star, you in effect make it okay. You are telling millions of kids that “Hey, look at all the attention he got and he aint got no more problems either..” Stand up, call it what it was. It was the cowards way out, it was selfish, it was sad and it doesn’t deserve ANYTHING MORE THAN THAT.

No sympathy from me.

Can’t wait till the parents of this idiot start complaining about the gun he used. The “GUN KILLED MY BABY!!!”


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4 Replies to “KC Chief’s player kills himself”

  1. See what happens when the team is 1 and 10…

    The Dallas Cowboys better pay attention, if they get any worse they too could have suicidal players…

    But there’s always a silver lining: The Panthers might win one Sunday… 😛

  2. Worse yet, the asshole killed his girlfriend IN FRONT OF THE KIDS.

    And then decided to take himself out IN FRONT OF THE GM.

    He didn’t just want to end it for himself, he wanted OTHERS TO HURT.

    Incredibly, incredibly selfish.

    But what else do we expect from this generation?


    1. Yep Woody, only a selfish son of a bitch goes out like that.

      And Yep, BZ in front of kids, coaches or whatever.. Pathetic. The chiefs memorializing his sorry ass is pretty damn sad too. He should be vilified for what he did, not martyr’d. Now the morons are blaming guns, pills, the NFL being too violent.. how about something like “The guy was a selfish moron who only cared about himself, he used the easiest tool to do the job he could find. IF the gun wasn’t available a much more painful death would happened to his girlfriend”

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