Israel to attack Iran?

What the hell is wrong with people. I’m reading all over the net “Israel will attack Iran this week.” Israel hasn’t survived this long in the devils living-room by telegraphing it’s moves. They are not the USA, they are not going to come out and say stupid shit like “You have 2 days to stop the nukes or we’ll attack” Israel can’t be that brazen. Israel will act at the moment of their choosing and not a minute before. And when they do, expect an unbridled show of force that will make the world shudder. Israel is fighting for it’s survival, and a MISS STEP can cost them everything.

We in the USA don’t know that feeling, we know we can be hurt. We don’t believe ANY NATION has the ability to destroy us. Israel is not that lucky. One Nuke renders the entire nation of Israel uninhabitable.

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