Israel leaves a MESS! Good Job.

Israel leaves a MESS! Good Job.

Israel leaves Gaza in far better shape than I would have like to seen but I think they achieved a “Fuck with me again” Peace. By that I mean; Hamas pet the bear, and got MAULED. They lost at least 900 fighters, and they did not “Create a grave yard for the Israelis”, as a matter of fact; Israel damn near killed more of their own men than Hamas did.

13 Israelis died in combat operations 4 of them (at least) died as a result of friendly fire. IF you believe the Palestinian reports of 600 or so “Innocent civilians” then by all means wail uncontrollably and put your fists in the air cursing Israel…I’ll wait.

NOW that you have had your fill of mourning the “Innocent civilians” I will try to ease your pain by saying I DON’T believe there were more than 100 or so INNOCENT victims of this ISRAELI SELF DEFENSE OPERATION. I will say I am sorry for every kid under the age of 5 that was killed because of ignorant parents, a backward ass religion and piss poor leaders of their culture. So never let it be said I don’t have a heart.

Israel is trying to give Obama a chance to “CHANGE” the situation in the Middle East, and I for one believe it is absolutely HOPELESS to think there will be peace in that part of the world in our lifetimes. I honestly would welcome a peaceful resolution to this conflict, but in order to have peace you need two sides that can coexist. Jews and Muslims CANNOT in this day and time coexist in their perspective countries. THEY can however coexist in WESTERN styled Democracies or even some autocracies. To expect Israel to all of the sudden say “You know what guys, we were wrong to have erected a fence to keep the splodies out of Israel, tear down that wall and lets sing Kum-by-ya”  to the very people that still want Israel wiped off the map is ludicrous. Just like it would be to expect Palestinians to tell Iran, Hamas, and the other terrorist cells in Gaza “Look guys we have tried it your way, and from here on out we are going to be Jewish” It’s not happening.

What can incur a lasting peace is an all out assault on the puppet masters. Iran is pulling the strings, Iran will be a nuclear country within 5 years or sooner if they are not dealt with Israel will perish. Then I want to hear about innocent civilians from the media.

Now here is the culture we are dealing with…

Saudi Arabia is willing to spend 1 billion dollars to help rebuild Gaza

The Saudi king says his country will donate $1 billion to help rebuild the Gaza Strip after Israel’s devastating three-week offensive in the Palestinian territory.

So I ask only one simple question; WHERE was the 1 billion dollars to help the “Poor Innocent Palestinians” thrive and prosper in commerce and trade and education and food and water?
All we hear about is how oppressed the poor Palestinians are, but no ARAB country is offering to help them until the TERRORISTS get their ass kicked and the rubble bounces. Then all kinds of sympathetic money pours in to rebuild the SLUMS and Ghettos, but nothing to last….It’s a damn shame and the Palestinians only have their religious peers to thank for it.

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6 Replies to “Israel leaves a MESS! Good Job.”

  1. Israel leave a mess? How can you mess up a garage dump? Seems to me that flattening the pest hole of Gaza is just a case of ‘urban renewal’ in action.

  2. Hamas is now claiming victory and vows to replenish their arsenal and vows revenge as well. If I were Israel I’d say “Ooopps, we quit too soon,” shove the cease fire up Gaza’s chocolate wizzway and pummel Gaza into the ground, glass ashtray style.

    Like I said before, THEY NEED TO FINISH THE JOB, this means NO HAMAS. Period.

  3. Israel HAS quit too soon, that much is clear.

    There are days when I feel like bloviating on and on about the history of Israel, the stance of Islam, the nature of the Middle East, divergent philosophies and cultures, and attempt throughout that to toss in at least something of a measure of “understanding,” if you will.

    I subscribe to UK’s The Economist magazine and, after reading their January 10th – 16th issue, the article under the LEADERS section, looking at their views (yes, Hamas made mistakes but Israel made at least as many, why can’t we just stop these “foul events”), I became even more galvanized in my thoughts.

    And as they so rightly point out, even themselves: “But if you take seriously what Hamas says in its charter, Hamas itself does believe this (the complete elimination of Israel). So does Hizbullah, Lebanon’s ‘Party of God’; and so does a rising and soon perhaps nuclear armed Iran.”

    But LEADER concludes that “Israel must show not only that is is too strong to be swept away but also that it is willing to give up the land — the West Bank, not just Gaza — where the promised Palestinian state must stand.”

    To this I completely disagree. Look at any map of Israel. To completely abandon Gaza and the West Bank places Israel directly in the middle — AGAIN — of hostile forces and enforces the decision that the only conclusion shall be to eliminate the Middle Man: Israel.

    The west simply does not comprehend the Islamist and, more specifically, the Middle Eastern mindset. There is no gray area to be acquired. It is either kill all the Jews, eliminate Israel or nothing. And Islamists will take every step and all the time necessary to acquire that one specific goal. Anything LESS is simply unacceptable.

    What is unacceptable is to have ANY Hamas or Hezbollah presence in the West Bank, Gaza or Golan Heights. There can be NO presence anywhere west of the 1994 treaty line.

    And to accomplish that, there must be a continued press into all three of these areas, simultaneously, to root out and kill Hamas, Hezbollah and any other terrorist organization — who will STILL continue to hide behind the skirts of women and the bibs of infants.

    If that is how they wish to play the game, then civilian casualties simply factor into the equation. So be it.


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