IRS, Benghazi, DOJ Oh My…

IRS, Benghazi, DOJ Oh My…

Lots of stuff going on this week hate I missed it all around the blogs and what-not. But I, unlike the Obama voter or Mainstream media still pay attention.


What I find funny is the media’s outrage over one of their own being investigated. Here’s a thought for the mainstream media: IF you want to get back in to the American peoples trust center. How about finding something on dear leader that Bloggers and FOX haven’t found already?

Note to the American people: Watch the other hand. Obama has scandal on top of scandal. His minions are circling the wagons. There are two ways to deal with an attack. Run or fight. There is NO RE-ELECTION coming from the liar in chief. Therefor “RUN” isn’t going to happen. The “FIGHT” is going to be more lies, more deceit, more deflection, more intimidation, more over reach.


Trust me when I tell you, the next couple weeks will see the left in full attack mode. Look for an all out Anti-GUN push, started with BIDEN, it will be the most heinous push for draconian gun laws, it will make Feinstein and Bloomburg have orgasms just hearing it. What will that do? You may ask..

The left sees a winner in background/magazine limit/Evil Black Rifle bans. They are of the opinion that 90% of America believe its a needed law. Obama knows that’s the biggest cause WE THE PEOPLE will fight tooth and nail. IF they come out in the media supporting such ridiculous laws, the attention will shift from the IRS/DOJ/Benghazi/Obamacare/Economy etc…

Not to mention, it will get Americans off the media’s lack of credibility and give them a break for a minute or two.


Any bets I’m right? I’ll even give you a date range. Between Sunday and Friday. I’ll even give you the face of the “Law Push” Joe Biden will stand in front of a group of gun violence victims.


Just a hunch, I hope I’m wrong but I sure as hell see a pattern. IF it’s not guns it will be something else. Maybe gay rights/Amnesty/Muslim oppression…

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