Iran has HIGH TECH Drone

Iran has HIGH TECH Drone

So let me get this straight. We give guns to Mexican drug lords, we give “Stealth” technology to China via Pakistan and “High Tech” Drones to Iran? What could possibly go wrong… 😥

Iran shows alleged downed U.S. drone

Iranian state television used its main newscast to unveil the drone. The drone was shown in a video on an undisclosed location where two men in military fatigues could be seen walking around it. The belly of the plane was covered with posters saying, “We’ll trample America underfoot.”

Speaking to reporters at the White House, President Obama said Thursday that Iran is more isolated now than ever, and he called on Iranian leaders to forswear nuclear weapons if they want to end their isolation. He made the remarks in response to a question about Iran, but he was not asked specifically about the downing of the U.S. drone.

In the not so distant future a “Drone Clone” will venture to Israel from Syria or Gaza and do some major damage. Who will get the blame for that? Iran? Uh probably not at the UN. The blame will rest solely upon the USA.

The question I have is where was the over watch? Where was the “If something goes wrong, make sure this technology doesn’t fall into the wrong hands”… Or is this a gift from Hussein Obama? Normally that last question would be met with “Conspiracy theory” type skepticism. But after watching this Anti-American, class war hero act like a President I’m not so sure.

Here’s a few questions:

Why were we flying drones in Eastern Iran anyway?

That drone looks like it landed rather than being shot down, why so little damage?

What could this help Iran deal with?

How will Iran use this technology?

Is this maybe an appeasement gift? As in, hey Machmood, if you don’t build a nuke, I’ll give you one of our best weapons against your soldiers…

What if huh?…. Normally, no matter the party the POTUS is in you’d have the confidence that he/she was looking out for America’s best interest. Not so much with Obama…

It’s going to get real ugly real quick be prepared.


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  1. From what I read, President Kickazz vetoed three ways of destroying that drone on the ground, including missiles and a ‘rescue’ op.

    He said it would be an act of war….

    This is my shocked face

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