Immgration Debate

Immgration Debate

Is coming. Best Slogan for the Campaign to target Hispanics.

IF you want your kids and grand kids to literally follow in your footsteps. Vote Democrat, because America will be as bad as the nation YOU left and they will be looking for somewhere else to run.

IF you want America to stay a better nation than the nation YOU left, vote Republican.

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One Reply to “Immgration Debate”

  1. Hispanics don’t want a better nation. No, they want the benefits all the while hoping Mexico will retake its supposed stolen land. New Mexican immigrants don’t care, they don’t wanna assimilate, they just want. . . everything. Older immigrants who came here a while back who worked their ass off for a better life and love the ol’ red white and blue, they might vote republican but not the new immigrants. They want the dems in power so they can keep gettin their handouts.

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