I’m a Domestic Terrorist Now.

I’m a Domestic Terrorist Now.

So lets try and recap: I’m a Racist, Redneck, Extremist, Homophobic, Teabagger. I hate Brown/black people, I want to throw Grandma off a cliff, I hate women, I hate the poor and now Harry Reid says I’m a “Domestic Terrorist” Good to know…

10153299_518849781555143_8506229205552313231_nI would elaborate in a long drawn out factual account of how wrong Harry Reid and the entire elected democrat party is… But if you don’t know by now, my blog won’t get your head out of your ass, its going to take a doctor. Hope you’re not covered by Obamacare.


Harry, when you brand a group of law abiding citizens “Terrorists” what do you have left to call the real “Terrorists?” Oh I guess it depends on how much money they give to your campaign..


If we must be “Domestic Terrorists” Harry, then we will likely be the very best. You see, the PATRIOTS who stand against Tyrants are generally hard working, blue collar, gun shooting, family loving, loyal friends and very intelligent in ways to get things done. Many of us are often referred to as “Rednecks” and when shit hits the fan, who does everyone want to be around? That’s right the Redneck. These may be the WORST POSSIBLE people to piss off. Just sayin.


I would say Harry, you have just swung at two pitches way outside the strike zone. be careful of your next swing.

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3 Replies to “I’m a Domestic Terrorist Now.”

  1. According to Harry Reid, I am a domestic terrorist because I support Mr Bundy. Apparently I am on a level with that of, say, Timothy McVeigh.

    Lots and lies and falsehoods have been spread with regard to Mr Bundy and his ranch. One of them was that he was in arrears with the state of Nevada. He was not. His issue was with the federal government and how it changed in the decades his family had worked that land. Land that, somehow, the average moron and American Media Maggot seems to think is paved with vast tracts of fertile and waving green grass.

    Not. It is a desert and barely supportive. There are many, many issues with the Bundy Ranch situation. But my greatest issues revolve around these few points: why here? Why now? Allegedly, according to the feds, Mr Bundy has been a so-called “Illegal Occupier” since 1993. And only now, the desert tortoise seems to hold the overarching topic extant? Really?

    Save this point: had the desert tortoise been actually endangered, Mr Bundy’s Terrible and Rampant Herds would have wiped this tortoise from the face of the area. Except that the cow dung from his mammals help the tortoise. And the fact that the federal government ITSELF has been killing the desert tortoise in Nevada because it “couldn’t afford them.”

    This is called a Load of Shit.

    The Obama Administration and the BLM simply wanted to make a point, and the point is this: we can do what we want when we want because we have the power and you do not. Frankly, I don’t give a shit that Bundy owed cash for grazing fees. You want your cash? Place a LIEN on his property.

    That would have been simple and quiet. But no, the federal government wouldn’t settle for quiet and obvious. I don’t dispute the courts or the rulings. But I DO dispute the issues of state rights and the issues of HOW to handle a situation similar to Mr Bundy.

    You do NOT send BLM occupiers out to the land, and you don’t steal his cattle in front of every form of media possible. And you do not send bearded and MP-5 carrying vested federal officers and snipers to his land. They were not “average” cops.

    I’ve been a cop for 41 years. I still am. I could have avoided this crap with roughly a 30 minute conversation between two adults, and a couple of glasses of iced tea.

    The government wanted a confrontation and that much is obvious. It wanted to go in Large and In Charge. What it did NOT account for, however, was the technology so readily available to the Masses these days — technology that can be applied to anyone by anyone.

    Finally: make no mistake. The federal government will brook no resistance. They WILL be back.


    1. Just wait BZ, remember that Obama said in a speech that he wanted a “Civilian Force” Well, he noticed a small part of that force on a ranch in Nevada. If that’s what a “Domestic Terrorist” looks like.. I be it and I be bringing many many others with me…

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