Illegal Immigration Bill

Illegal Immigration Bill

Note to Senate/House Republicans and GOP as a whole. You have snared yourself in a trap again. Since you are too stupid to see what is being done, you deserve the choice you have. You have two choices now.

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1. Pass the Amnesty and watch the blood bath that occurs in 2014 from the loser seat. You will lose majority in the House, you will lose seats in senate.

2. Unite behind Ted Cruz and make the Amnesty bill right before jumping on board.

Those choices are all you have. If the current Amnesty bill collapses because Republican support drops, America wins. If you pass it, America and The GOP loses.

I’m telling you this. Conservative voters will back challengers to all Republican supporters of this TRAVESTY who are up for re-election in 2014. We will ABSTAIN from voting should you win. IF that message isn’t clear enough. Imagine that you win your challenge and you go on a news network to try and get support for something later. YOU WILL NOT BE CREDIBLE in the eyes of MILLIONS. Relegated to the Olympia Snow’s and John McCain’s of the GOP you will become just another RINO.


You find yourself in this mess because YOU ALLOWED IT. You could have stood and refused to vote without filibuster ANY BILL until the Obamacare house bill that passed was taken up on the senate floor.

You could have DONE A LOT MORE but you allowed Marco Rubio and John McCain to put the GOP in this box. You think the DNC didn’t plan this? Their king is scandalized, their entire talking points have fell apart, the economy is still toast, the war on terror is making a comeback, Obama has NOTHING LEFT, he gave the gay’s their way, he has to get this passed for his legacy to have a “Yeah but he passed amnesty” tag line. And you fell for it.

The ONLY bill that will save you and provide for limited Amnesty would be something like this:

“This bill provides funding for a Fence/wall/fence on every inch of that border” in the first sentence.

The second sentence “Deportation immediately for those who have broken ANY OTHER LAW since ILLEGALLY immigrating to the USA”

Third sentence is “Amnesty will occur 2 years after the fence is built and deportations have been completed”

I just wrote the Illegal Immigration Reform act in three sentences.

Now though, the GOP has two Choices, pick one. My mind and millions of us tax paying voters will vote or not vote based on your choice. Good luck.

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8 Replies to “Illegal Immigration Bill”

      1. Nope I don’t like amnesty at all.. But something will have to be done. Deporting all is what I THINK WOULD BE GREAT but it would be horrible and not a good thing to watch. I’m willing to entertain some amnesty for ASSETS to our nation, not Parasites. Hence the DEPORT ALL who have broken ANY other laws since they broke the first one by illegally entering. We do that and seal border We can have a discussion. Other than that, fully against it.

  1. Texas has stood against this travesty all the way… No point in calling MY Senators, but you know, I remember a while back when Marco Boobio was running, I told everyone that I thought he was a stinking RINO… Seems like I remember a lot of people telling me I was wrong and I was a RACIST and I didn’t like Boobio because he was of Cuban decent…

    How about that? Turns out Boobio really IS a RINO, and it looks like he may be wanting to take the title *King of the RINOs* once McCain is gone…

    Damn, I wish I could pick the lottery as well as I can spot out fakes… 😈

    1. I remember that too Fred, but I also remember a few of your errors… One of which is turning out to be the only savior left in the Republican party…So it turns out you do almost pick like lottery numbers.. LOL.. Look aint none of us right all the time. We go with what we know. We liked Christy for a while.. We liked Rubio for a while. We didn’t have much choice with McCain/Romney… We’re so fucked we should be in porn but we are well armed.

      1. Cruz has really impressed me, I have to say, I was, so far, wrong on that one…

        I was not terribly fond of Christie at any point but he was almost acceptable, I had Boobio’s number from Day 1..

        Ya know, for a beer swilling, bog dwelling, NASCAR watching redneck from Texas I have turned out to be one hell of a politically astute beer swilling, bog dwelling, NASCAR watching redneck from Texas…

        FUDD… 😈

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