Idiot tried to Book the President…

For the record I can’t stand Obama. I have no more disgust toward him than I do toward Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid. I can’t stand either of them equally. Not personally either. I don’t like their friends, I don’t like their policies and I don’t like what they have done to a once great nation. That being said:

The S.O.B that threw the book at the POTUS should be publicly flogged, beaten with a cane and then shoved in a hole so deep the miners in Chile would be looking down on him. We can disagree on politics and the liberal vs conservative issues thing. But attacking the POTUS physically is off limits.

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5 Responses to Idiot tried to Book the President…

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  2. Kurt P says:

    Just to set the record straight, that guy wasn’t the one who threw the book- he was the one who streaked for a cool $250K (if I remember right).
    The guy who threw the book should have used his shoe- you know, keep the insults even with “W”.

  3. Kurt P says:

    Just out of curiosity, how far away are you from camp Pendleton?
    Since I can’t find an e-mail for you?
    You know mine-

  4. Robert says:

    Yeah Kurt, I know it was a different idiot but the picture spoke volumes about the attendees of the rally… Sorry for not clarifying it.

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