I wonder why Powell Endorsed Obama? Race maybe?

I wonder why Powell Endorsed Obama? Race maybe?

Colin Powell endorses Barack Obama for president

WASHINGTON – Former Secretary of State Colin Powell has endorsed Democrat Barack Obama for president, describing the Illinois senator as a “transformational figure.”

Powell says both Obama and Republican John McCain are qualified to be commander in chief. But, in an interview Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” he said Obama is better suited to handle the nation’s economic problems as well as help improve it’s standing in the world.

Powell expressed disappointment in the negative tone of McCain’s campaign, as well as in his choice of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as the Republican vice presidential nominee. Powell says he does not believe Palin is ready to take over as president,

Funny as hell to me, the Bruddas are sticking together but if “Whitey” chooses not to follow the “Messiah” Whitey is RACIST!!!! :dancinghappy:

I love the way Powell says “Sarah Palin is not ready”, yet Obama has not stepped in an office of leadership other than leading a crew of thugs in ACORN, a Group of LAWYERS, or some “LIKE MINDED” Socialists. BUT Sarah Palin is not ready?

This is a typical race play, Obama is the BLACK Candidate, and it wouldn’t surprise me if Condi Rice came out to support him too…. This is a RACE about RACE now believe it, no matter what the media is trying to say.. IT is a racial power play, have at it my brothers.

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23 Replies to “I wonder why Powell Endorsed Obama? Race maybe?”

  1. Racist post.

    Powell slams the ‘white KKKristian party’ –

    Troubled by conservative whispers that Obama is a Muslim, Powell gave a passionate defense of Obama and Muslim Americans citing a Muslim American soldier that gave his life in Iraq.

    “Well the correct answer, he is not a Muslim. He’s a Christian, he’s always been a Christian. But the really right answer is ‘what if he is?’ Is there something wrong with being a Muslim in this country? The answer is no, that’s not America.”

    You say proud to be American but you show you are as unAmerican as they come.

  2. @William: Of course it’s a racist post William, the reason it is racist is because folks like you have made it that way, The media throws out Powell endorses McCain, WHY do you not hear about the Generals endorsing McCain? It’s because they are WHITE so it is a race about race and I am WHITE so I must state my preference… I am not black so I will vote for McCain. Thats how you fuckheads are playing it so I am playing by the rules you and those like you set fourth. How can this be racist but the Black 95% voting for Obama that can’t name his VP choice is not racist?

    Don’t come over here with that white guilt shit you fuck nut, This is what YOU and your messiah wants. Bring it the fuck on.

    Yep I am Anti Muslim it happened in 2001 after MUSLIMS flew planes into buildings on my nations soil. So yeah I am a little saddened by the state of the world today… Time to fucking quit talking and start swinging.

  3. Thanks for clarifying the fact that you are a racist … about as ignorant and unAmerican a specimen that I’ve even seen. I though ignorance like this only existed in the deep south but, rednecks are everywhere I guess.

    The point is that Powell is a Republican conservative general and former Bush Sec. of State. How many Democratic secretary of states, generals, liberal newspapers, etc… have crossed over and endorsed McCain by comparison?

    Almost none.

    Robert is an example of a racist unAmerican person who wraps himself in the flag by day, dons the white hood by night.

  4. @William: Let me clarify for the uneducated assholes like you William:
    I am voting down racial lines based on the BLACK community voting down the same lines, 95% Blacks voting for Obama based on the BLACK Half of Obama…. I am voting for the WHITE half of McCain… hows that? ya got it?

    I don’t give a fuck how many liberal rags crossed over, the NYT the LAT are liberal and I hope Obama gets elected for them… Because they will be the first to be told what they can print.

    You call me a racist? Ok and you are boy lover. So now the name calling is out of the way:

    Can you tell me why Obama’s past is being buried? IF McCain had dealings with Tom Metzger or David Duke he wouldn’t have made it out of the primaries. BUT a BLACK racist Rev Wright and BLACK Candidate is shoved under the rug… So who is racist?

    I am simply trying to Defend MY RACE too… is that wrong? of course not right? I mean unless you suffer from WHITE guilt which I don’t.. I don’t have the right to be proud of MY RACE? that can’t be right?

  5. Oh, and for all you dumb asses that think it’s Republican vs Democrat, we are all AMERICAN there MORONS…. So if you think that a Republican is going to protect you any better, your surely mistaken. OH, and if you’re one of those dumb asses again that thinks he/she shouldn’t have to pay taxes or pays to much so he/she is going to vote for a Republican, your gotta be and idiot. Look what 8 years of Republican idiocracy has brought you, larger government with massive dept, a collapsed economy, inflation through he roof so now you can’t even aford a loaf of bread so you might as well forget about going out to eat, oh and lets not forget your salary hasn’t increased hardly a dime compared to actual inflation so now you actually make 1/3 less than you did ten years ago…… THANK YOU REPUBLICANS YOU HAVE FLEECED THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ONCE AGAIN… Oh and lets not forget failing infrastructure, poor schools, less police, and the rising cost of medical care with less people having health Insurance…..So now are you better off 8 years later… HELL NO…. Unless you make 200,000 or more and a would be surprised if anyone here does, maybe a few………think about it, are you a free thinker or are you a sheep being hearded by the wolves……… And if you are one of those that make allot of money, it is in your best interest to have a strong and healthy middle class that can afford things, then you make money…… it’s the trickle up effect, not the trickle down effect…. when the rich have money they save it, when the middle class have money, they spend it. Just like a house if your base(middle class) isn’t strong your not strong….

  6. @William: Have you defined your self as a boy loving pedophile? I heard you like small boys so it must be so… have nice day pedophile

    And no it doesnt concern me that the world wants Obama, What concerns me is the Middle East wants Obama.. that he is a Muslim in a politicians suit. THAT concerns me, but hey William just keep hanging out with the “Boy’s” and when all hell break loose hide well.

  7. Ya know how it is Rob, the *brothers* are like chickens, and birds of a feather DO stick together…

    And yeah, I AM a racist… Saves you a lot of time there huh?? :dancinghappy:

  8. @TexasFred: Well I never said you were hiding it..LOL
    The double standard and Hypocrites abound in the Demorat party, I can vote for a black candidate because he’s black, but if you vote for your guy because he is white.. YOU ARE RACIST!!!! Oh and I take your money and spread it around to crack heads and thieves, but that’s not socialism… I am truly disgusted and as soon as more people get educated about what is happening to our country THE SOONER Civil War breaks out HERE.

  9. I strongly believe Powell was in some way, given no choice. He knows the Obama fix is in…look at what those *people* have done to average Joe this week…then think of the chosen one’s real friends, and all the harm they can, and will do. Powell had honor, but he also loves his family. I almost feel sorry for him….with all my heart I believe he was forced some way to do this…and with all my heart, I believe he will pull the McCain lever in the booth.
    People can’t take his endorsement seriously if they look at the over all picture.

    For all you hypnotized fools out there…guess how many Obama signs are in yards because people feel they have to protect themselves if by some miracle O doesn’t win…a whole lot. How sad we have to have closeted McCain supporters.

  10. @RichAss,
    Ok, you think we were born yesterday. You just copied and pasted that comment.

    TARGET ME!! I am a Chinese who supports McCain and hates BHO. Come on, say I am a racist and see what your libtard friends think about you “insulting a minority”.

  11. Powell’s endorsement was motivated by both race and political convictions. If you look at his views on many areas, you would ask yourself why he registered as a Republican in the first place. Personally, I don’t like the guy because he did not let me finish my job in 1991. :shootin:

    BTW: I got a serious flame war in my blog. I am not used to such tenacity,but I can’t let it go either. Advice?

  12. Robocop,
    Flame war? I be glad to help, I just had one on mine with some mad lib-tard on my tagboard on the sidebar. Which post is it on?

  13. @Norris Hall: Funny how Obamatrons can find every little snide remark about their Messiah and cry “AttacK” But they can’t seem to answer for Rev Wright, Phlegar, Rezko or Ayers.. They can’t see anything wrong with attacking Gov. Palin, or Joe the Plumber or John McCain… Funny isn’t it? No sympathy here for that Stealth Muslim pocket picker here.

  14. Isn’t it interesting that on your “about” page, you pledge liberty and justice for all – is that what capitalism, particularly unregulated, has brought us? Or is justice just for the wealthy who can afford it – who care about the bottom 15 or 20%. The thing is, the poor are poor because they start off life that way – they’ve known no difference. Meanwhile, the middle class, and upper class particularly walk round declaring that they believe in liberty for all, yet when it comes to it, they couldn’t care less.

    America would be a fairer place if these great injustices between the wealthy and poor did not exist – that would be REAL justice. Does McCain offer that? Nope. He favours removing government securities for the poor, and helping to reinforce the wealth divisions that already exist.

    As someone rightly pointed out on the news, if you can’t live on $250,000 a year, you’ve got serious problems. It’s true – what real need is there for personal wealth in excess of this? If just a small percentage of the wealth from the rich was redistributed back to those that really need it, ultimately everyone would be better off – a more prosperous working class would be able to spend more and ultimately boost the economy. Instead, people with vast amounts of money in the bank will be given tax breaks under McCain, while the poor continue to get poorer.

    Liberty and justice? NOPE.

  15. @Dan: America would be a “Fairer Place” you sound like a code pink pussy.. when is “FAIR” a right? Look at our court system, you idiot, FAIR is RARE.. IT is not sided to the “POOR” or the “Rich” it is sided to the criminal, and those with the best lawyers… THE SAME LAWYERS YOU WANT TO RUN THE COUNTRY??? WTF?

    Leave fucknut, You’re idiocy is showing.

  16. Dan : I take great offense re your statement. True, many are born into poverty. Equally true is many manage to rise above
    it. This is done when a person first realizes they need a helping hand, and glance at the end of their arms, to find 2 !
    I do not want one cent of my taxes going to some breeder that makes a living off welfare. Or a junkie that knowingly got hooked..and they all know they will. A hard working family, hit by great loss ( jobs, home, etc) is where I choose to lend a helping hand. Be it with a small check, or a hammer and box of nails. Even an occasional bag of groceries. That is what your average working stiff does anyway, ya know ? Well, unless they’re democrats…then good luck.

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