I want your MONEY!

I want your MONEY!

New film coming out. STOP THE PRESSES… It’s not a kneel at the alter of “Duh-1” film, it’s an actual look at Obama’s liberal policies and our national debt..

And the people woke up and voted theses asshats out of office….We can only hope!

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3 Replies to “I want your MONEY!”

  1. This would have been more interesting if it said that this was about government spending but so far what I have seen it is about Obama and how the Democrats are bad. Sounds like another boogeyman scare tactic propaganda movie. Let’s not forget who also jumped on board of the huge deficits and big government spending train. Yep you guessed it Ronnie Reagan. Quit painting him as a saint. He wasn’t. The truth is if you really want change then vote both the democrats and republicans out of office. That would be real change that would lead to real conversations, real thinking, real voting, real representation.

  2. Funny Tony, I seem to remember during Reagan’s reign our unemployment rate and economic collapse was WORSE than when Obama took over. I also seem to remember that Reagan turned it around in 17 months. I also remember THE SOVIET UNION was threatening our way of life, and he stood UP. Obama Bows. Yeah non-partisan?

    How about you pick a side, and use common sense to make that choice. The SPENDING started under the Bush admin, and as bad as folks hate the man, the first four years weren’t too bad. He held a nation together and actually got a lot of economic growth from the private sector. He faltered in later rounds and in 2006, when he lost the house (Purse strings of the nation) it’s been down hill ever since.

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