I voted today, God Bless our Country NOW.

I voted today, God Bless our Country NOW.

UPDATE: I will be turning on registration in order to comment. The moonbats are going apeshit and I am not in a very good mood. BUT the good news is, NOW I can go to the moonbats site and be annoying like they have been for the last 8 years.

I voted, and I feel it was an excersice in futility. I think we are going to be worse than FRANCE if this election goes as it appears to be headed.

I also went and increased my ammo supply, since that is likely to be a target of the left in the upcoming months if not days…


if you haven’t already

BTW, IF you think this election is not about RACE, then why would the Black Panthers be out in force? I don’t see Skin Head representation? I am offended. :fingerwag:

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21 Replies to “I voted today, God Bless our Country NOW.”

  1. LOL Me too BZ. Robert I haver a picture of my sign up at the blog. I was out for about 1.5 hours. Pissing off the No on 8 Moonbats across the street. Good times.

  2. I also went and cast my vote this morning, McCain/Palin, Yes on 8.
    We have also gotten our arms ready as well, it will be interesting to see what comes of all of this. :rollingeyes:

  3. Why is it that people are saying that if you don’t vote for him it is a racial issue….funny how all you are seeing at the polls are the Black Panthers, if it is a race issue where are the Skinheads or the KKK??? Seems like the racial issue is on they’re part. It is not(to me) about race it is about experience and the fact that one look at the man gives me a bad feeling, there is something about him, he looks evil, and he’s a liar…he don’t give a damn about America!:sadblinkingeye:

  4. @Kristine: He looks like a crack addict, he is a liar and I think he does give a damn about America, well at least half of it.. the black half.

  5. Hey..I am downstate now…and you would not believe how bad it is in this medium size city. Intimidation, yes..even at a hospital parking lot by *security*. They have caught rampant fraud, brought people in to clear it, they leave and the people in the voting places go right back to accepting votes without valid addresses. There is much unrest here in a normally ultra conservative town. Makes me want to run back home, but I shoot better than 2 out of 3 of my kids. :shootin:

  6. @jo: Well where there are black thugs you will have intimidation, if you let them.
    There is NO ONE on this earth that will intimidate me, make me nervous or worried while I vote.
    I told the wife loud enough for the line to hear “I don’t need a booth, hell I’ll do it so every one can see who I voted for, and I’ll tell them WHY.”

    It was rather boring in our precinct, guess they now some redneck lives in the area…. :shootin:

  7. Dear republican party,
    I am a 17 year old girl who would like to inform you that you are complete idiots and hypocrites. How can you call yourself “pro life” when you advocate for the killing of innocent civilians in Iraq and Iran. When over sees there are thousands of innocent lives being taken by this iraq qar-pregnant iraqi woman are dying, dogs, cats, grandparents, children. And you support this. You are not pro-life in my book. You would rather have a child in iraq killed for no reason than hurt a fertilized cell the size of my fingertip.

    How can you call yourselves christian/american when you don’t give your woman the right to choose and gay couples to marry.

    you are disgusting racists,prejudice, people.
    peace and love,

  8. @nicola: Because you say you are a 17yr old girl I will grant you a little break:
    Pro-life, yep abortion as a form of Birth Control is WRONG. WHEN did I ever say I advocate the killing of innocent anything? IF there are “Innocent” people dying in war that is the nature of the beast, BUT I will point out the fact that our enemies have killed WAY more innocents than we ever could in a 100 years. I would not want a child killed but maybe you should write our raghead enemies that strop bombs on their ass and blow up in day care centers. That’s ok with you right? Oh and murdering bastards that kill innocent people for 100 bucks deserve to live but an innocent baby needs to die so mom and dad can have sex? Get a clue.

    Oh and that is pretty typical, racist, prejudice? You have not lived long enough to see the world so that is your break, your next comment that is that idiotic will be addressed with my natural flair.

  9. @Nicky: At 17 I don’t think you have a clue about life, politics and religion, I think you are too heavily influenced by your liberal teachers and the media. As far as the war…the pregnant women, dogs, cats, grandparents and children were being killed long before we arrived, not to mention the majority of them are being killed by suicide bombers, not our troops.

  10. Thank you for shedding light on my life kristine. I now know that i know nothing about politics and religion. Such a bold statement on your part. My liberal teachers have taught me lies. Anyways, perhaps you can answer this question for me–why should my rights to have an abortion be taken away from me?

  11. Nicola; the fact that you even ask a dumbass question like that sums up the issue. The right to take an innocent life, when there are so many people that would care for the baby. YOU having an abortion is the easy way out. Typical of a liberal teachers mentality:
    You have unprotected sex, you get pregnant and then become a murderer rather than accepting your mistake has consequences.

    Grow up and learn a thing about life. before you decide to take it.

  12. @nicola: First of all I said NOTHING about abortion…but let me enlighten you on something….Mr. Obama thinks that it is ok to let a fully grown BABY be set on a table and die in a dark room by himself just because he/she has downs syndrome or some other birth defect….but I suppose that is ok in your eyes??? I think that women should have the right to choose in CERTAIN circumstances, but not to use it as a form of birth control. And since YOU brought it up, it makes me think maybe you already have, if you can’t take care of a baby you should practice abstinence :finger:

  13. @Robert: I think you have confused me with niclola….am I wrong or was that comment directed towards me???

  14. LOL!

    Nicky will now be self-performing colonoscopies now because her head is so far up her ass, she gets stink-eye.

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