How did Barack Hussein Obama get elected?

How did Barack Hussein Obama get elected?

You have got to see the whole thing, this explains SO MUCH!

The wife and I watched this together, her exact words “Sheep to slaughter” I told yer “Yep. except these sheep took us all to the slaughter house with them”.

HUGE HT To Grouchy Old Cripple

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2 Replies to “How did Barack Hussein Obama get elected?”

  1. I think most republican voters wouldn’t fare any better. It is TRULY FRIGHTENING how uneducated the vast majority of our electorate is. *shudder*

  2. @Peter: I seriously doubt that Republicans would fare worse… however if you can point me to a legitimately done proof I’d gladly post it.

    Somehow I just don’t see “White folks” proclaiming their love for McCain in the kind of numbers that it would take to get him elected. Frankly if not for the “White Guilt” vote Obama would not have won.

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