Hollywood Should Walk the Talk

You got to love the Hollywood Moonbat parade who knee jerked their way into our hearts with this wonderful garbage:

Now lets look at some of the stars of the above “Do as I say, not as I do” propaganda piece.

Just as liberals love to do, they tell YOU what do as long as it doesn’t affect them. In other words. “I’ll earn my riches by using violence and guns, but tell you that you are evil if you own guns”…. LOL Can you imagine if congress was to put forth a bill that regulated their films beyond the ratings?

The hypocrisy is laughable for most free thinkers. For the  boot lickers, its heartfelt and emotional. Every worthless piece of shit who put their face in the original hit piece will never get a dime of my money in a theater/concert or a rental of their work.

Folks better do all they can to stop our elected officials from ATTEMPTING to enact a Feinstein gun bill. IF they don’t listen our nation will plunge into a darkness. FACT.


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One Response to Hollywood Should Walk the Talk

  1. Woodsterman says:

    They are too stupid to see it as hypocritical. There will be no darkness for the skies will be lit up.

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