Hispanic Muslims?

Hispanic Muslims?

There’s been an uptick of mosques appearing in the land of Mexico recently. Most noticeable in Tijuana. A heavily traveled BORDER town that sits directly under the Illegal Immigrant safe haven state of CALIFORNIA.

California, the state that allows illegals more rights than any other state in our union is experiencing in increase in MUSLIMS in the state. Especially the southern part.

Is seeing a large increase in MUSLIMS among the Illegal immigrant population reason to be concerned? Ask Britain/France/Iceland and basically ANY Country that has allowed an unfettered migration of Muslims…

Save this post because I will say I told you so A LOT!

Remember this saying: “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” Cartels have been using Islamic tactics lately. Car bombs, Beheadings etc… Islamic radicals keeping Homeland security busy would benefit cartels wouldn’t it? Under Obama and Holder they are all too eager to open the borders and allow unfettered access. Ask yourself why? You come up with an answer you’ll understand why this is very dangerous.

And here’s another thought. Remember that 9-11-2001 didn’t occur until after the Democrat POTUS was out of office. The plan was hatched during the Clinton admin but they didn’t want to tarnish his reputation….

Rest assured we got another couple of years before a large attack on our soil happens, even AQ knows that if they hit while Obama is in office, they’ll lose a valuable ally. But after the next POTUS is elected, all bets are off.


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5 Replies to “Hispanic Muslims?”

  1. Your standard Mexican citizen is usually a strong Catlick and may not take too kindly to those sons of allah in their hood………..

  2. And joy of joys, another “mainstreaming” of Muslims is here at last:

    Al Jazeera America!

    Soon to mainstream the fanatical Islamist way of life and inculcate to young Americans that, again, Western civilization is Evil and needs to be destroyed.


  3. “California, the state that allows illegals more rights than any other state in our union is experiencing in increase in MUSLIMS in the state. Especially the southern part.”

    Yup, they give the ‘undocumented immigrants’ ILLEGAL aliens more rights and “free” shit than anyone ever imagined and Citizen Joe and Jane Workingclass get to pay for all of it.

    This topic is one that gets my blood pumping, my fists clenching and my face beet red and I could go off on it for hours on end, but I won’t bore you with what you probably already know anyway.

    I was born and raised in San Diego and I’ve lived here for over four decades. I’ve seen first hand the degeneration that comes with having an open border policy. Just illegal Mexicans was bad enough, but now muslim wetbacks? I mean WTF!

    It’s insane. I’ve seen the dramatic acceleration of that degeneration in the last 10 years especially. It’s worse than you could ever imagine, and far worse than what the “Gang of Eight Traitors” or the media would ever let on. But hey, let’s just give them amnesty and let ’em bring in as many relatives as they want to live on the dole and plan how to destroy this country. We can afford it right? This is America afterall, and the DHS is working hard with the Mexicans to fight cartels, stop the smugglers from bringing in dope, and make sure that no “bad guys” get in either. (spit!)

    Meh-hico can lick my balls. They aren’t doing a damn thing but assisting stinkbeard terror cells and encouraging ILLEGAL invasion into the U.S., and anyone who says that DHS, ICE, or the Border Patrol are enforcing our border and immigration laws can lick my balls too.

    If the elitist tyrants in DC really were interested in stopping ILLEGAL ALIENS from invading this country it would have stopped long ago. Instead, the Border Patrol has checkpoints up and down the interstates in San Diego and Imperial counties. Even in Riverside County, 90 miles north of Meh-hico there are Border Patrol checkpoints. Why so far north? Because they aren’t there to stop Pedro or Juan from delivering their kilos of coke, meth or heroin. They aren’t there to stop Ahmed or Ayshit Mehself’s plans to attack some soft target Americans. No, they are there to hassle and try to intimidate American citizens and get us used to police-state checkpoints when martial law is declared.

    “Constitutional rights? Huh? Never heard of it. Now pull over into secondary inspection before I break out your window and taze your entire family.”

    Coming to an American city near you…

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