Hillary had her day…

Well, Hillary finally had her day in front of congress and the American people. My quick opinion on the entire Benghazi thing:

Hillary knew, Obama knew, the state dept knew, the CIA knew, the American people knew the dangers of operating an embassy in Libya. NOBODY took the actions needed to protect the occupants of the embassy in Benghazi. Hillary and Obama should be fired for their failures of leadership. But hey, what difference does it make?

Fact is America lost a chance to return to greatness with the election of Barack Obama in 2008. Had the media given Obama half the scrutiny over Barack Obama that they did with Hillary, Hillary would be our POTUS (Or at least for the 2008-2012 term) and IF she had been elected POTUS I truly believe our nation would be better off than it is now. I can’t STAND Hillary or Bill Clinton. But the HATE I have for this version of the democrat party is far and above more redlined than I had before Obama.

I have a real hard time putting my distrust/dislike of the Clinton’s on top of my ABSOLUTE DISGUST/DISTRUST AND HATRED of Obama and his minions.

Hillary gave her testimony, the GOP’s idiots on the panel caved and didn’t put her on notice as well as they should have. Hillary knew but she’s covered because of Bill and Obama’s media.

As our nation burns the media will report it with their special spin, guiding the sheep to the slaughter house.

Molon Labe.

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4 Responses to Hillary had her day…

  1. Woodsterman says:

    Hillary is just like him. She’s just a little quieter about it.

  2. BZ says:

    Much as I hate to admit — yes — I believe the nation would be better off in Hillary’s hands.


    • Robert says:

      Woody, Hillary may have a few of the same tendencies, I believe she’s constrained by a bit more common sense than Obama.

      BZ, That’s exactly what I said before the 2008 election. During the primaries I stated that Hillary would be the best pick for the our nation among the democrat party. There probably isn’t more than a few issues distance between Hillary and McCain. However; between Obama and McCain there’s a canyons of difference.

      Had WE elected Hillary instead of Obama, we would have maintained at least a little experience at the head of the table. Hillary’s consult would have been Bill. Obama’s consult is Rahm and Jarret…. Enough said.

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