Hillary Clinton Takes one for the Team

Hillary Clinton Takes one for the Team

Sorry for the visual that title might give you but basically that’s what she did.

Now at tonights debate, when Benghazi comes up Obama can call the issue settled. It is anything but settled in the minds of concerned Americans. Those sheep who worship at the Obama alter can say it is settled. It’s NOT.

First let me explain this for those of you who may be to the right of Obama but not quite centered. Hillary Clinton took responsibility for the security lapses. Kudos to her for finally coming clean. SHE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THAT. Now, lets ask why it took so long for her to do it? And since she didn’t feel it necessary to take responsibility for it for over a month, why now? Could it be election play? of course not huh?¬† ūüė•

Now, given all of that and the answers to those questions now ask this: IF Hillary is responsible for the security WHO is responsible for the cover up? And don’t forget to ask this: We KNOW that it was a terrorist attack, we KNOW Hillary is responsible for not providing enough security, we KNOW the Obama administration attempted to cover it up using the youtube video.. SO WHY IS THE PRODUCER OF THE YOUTUBE VIDEO STILL IN JAIL?

Remember all of this while watching the debate tonight and try not to throw up too much.


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