Here we go Americans.

Here we go Americans.

So the elitist self absorbed gun runner in chief is putting fourth his plan of gun control. Make no mistake, this is NOT ABOUT GUNS, its about control.

Obama’s statement about banning “Military looking assault weapons” is the very thing our forefathers warned us about. And it’s been proven throughout history the danger of this type of ban. The PEOPLE need the firepower necessary to repel tyrants. Maybe Obama isn’t a tyrant. But the next guy might be, or the one after that? This is a dangerous road to take.

Molon Labe isn’t just a note on facebook or twitter post. It’s a warning. Its a line in the sand. IF you allow this because “The children” you should realize that many of “The Children” were in rail cars headed to gas chambers in Germany. Many of the “The Children” were massacred in Russia/China/Cambodia etc after limits were placed on gun ownership of the population.

The gun is a tool of defense. To claim any firearm is an “Assault weapon” is as ridiculous as naming a hammer an “Assault weapon” after it was used to bash in a skull… The true term for the AR style firearm is “Defense weapon” and I suggest ALL of us use that term whenever you see the gun grabbing crew use the “Assault Weapon” moniker.

The fight is now. It’s not like you weren’t warned. You think it is all because of Sandy Hook? Think again. Obama and Biden haven’t put forth a serious budget in 3+ years but they were able to come up with these new “Restrictions” within a couple days? Priorities…

This is the controlling democrat party at its finest. We will do what’s best for you regardless of what you think. We know best… Just huddle up and move into the rail cars.. trust us…

Molon Labe!



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14 Replies to “Here we go Americans.”

  1. YOUR CAREER DEPENDS ON THIS VOTE … unless you’re an elected official from California or New York or Connecticut…

    Just sayin’ Bro, some places are NEVER going to change… You’re in one of them, well, unless you count *change for the worse*, then YOU get change too…

    Sorry man, just speaking what I feel…

    1. How about even more to the point – if you are a spineless rino and vote for ANY of these so called ‘reasonable’ measures, WE will institute recall proceedings on you.

  2. Hi Robert,
    This is the best news that I have heard for quite some time and it will go along way to reducing gun crime. Assault weapons like the AR 15 need to be banned and the majority are in support of it, just look at the polls. If all goes to plan the laws will be passed and the country will be better for it.

      1. Well, as they say. Sticks and stones may break my bones, or should that be “An AR 15 may riddle me with holes, but words will never hurt me”.

        Hopefully your Assault Weapons will soon be a thing of the past!

  3. Hi Arnold, Glad you like it. I’m assuming you have already got your bags packed for the rail car to paradise? Don’t worry you stupid son of a bitch I won’t be using my AR to protect your ass. My AR is designed as a defensive weapon. I won’t be defending willful sheep.. One day you and your type of pussies will come begging for help and people like me will piss on your worthless ass.

    Good day to you Arnold. Enjoy your serfdom.

  4. Well….Hello everyone, it’s been a while since I have commented but I do get around to visiting my favorite blogs every once in a while. I was reading these comments and as I read Arnold’s comment, I thought what I have thought about all these anti gun idiots…you WILL be singing a different song when your sorry ass is stuck in a situation where you need a gun. I’m willing to bet that if you were in a situation where you needed to defend yourself and you couldn’t(because guns are bad) but there is someone there who can and don’t…you’d complain about that person NOT using their “bad guns” to defend you. People like you are what is wrong with America these days. As far as your “polls”, we all know how that works…seen it in action throughout the entire election…the polls don’t mean shit. How about doing a little research of your own to come to your own conclusions instead of being blinded by the media like all the other liberal jackasses.

    1. Hi Kristine,

      Yes, this too is one of my favorite blogs, it makes me realize just how paranoid, angry and afraid many people about gun control. Luckily the decision makers do not rant , rave and use foul language to get their point across so I’m hopeful that some good will be done. The AR15 in particular has no place in the public, it belongs in the military. As for a situation where I need an AR15, there is none. Do you mean to tell me that you have used it for self defense? Ever killed someone with it? My guess is that you only use it in a rifle range, otherwise it’s locked up, hard to get to and almost impossible to use when you say you would need it.

      1. Hmm…funny how I never once in my comment said that I even owned a gun. So, just because I am against them banning a certain type or types of guns I am assumed to own one? Ok, I will humor you. Lets say I did… and I did exactly what you said above, took it out to a rifle range and kept it locked up all the time. WHY do YOU, someone who doesn’t know me, even care?? If I don’t use it to hurt anyone, WHY DO YOU CARE??? Just because YOU don’t want one or YOU don’t think YOU should have one DOES NOT mean that I shouldn’t have one if I want. That’s like me saying “Hey, I don’t like shrimp so I don’t think anyone else should have any…LETS BAN SHRIMP!!”….. Foolish, Foolish thinking.

        1. Kristine, you are right, I have no idea if you own a gun. I labelled you as a gun nut with an arsenenal of weapons in much the same way as you have labelled me as a gun idiot. As such, I believe you, your husband, boyfriend or girlfriend is in fact an owner of an AR15 and I would support a ban on these assault weapons.

          1. The difference between you labeling me a gun nut and me labeling you a gun idiot… I have proof! Just read your comments. Just because I am against a ban on a certain type/types of guns does by no means mean that I or anyone I know owns one. Once again another liberal that don’t know how to answer questions… WHY do you care if I have one?? You see, I have done my homework on crimes and crimes involving guns nationwide and worldwide…have you?? Why don’t you do some reading then come back to me with a valid argument. This whole “I don’t like it so you can’t have it”argument doesn’t fly with me. I want to see facts!!

          2. GO get him Kristine! Folks like this Arnold guy are proven in history to be boot lickers. The boots they lick keep them alive longer than the rest but eventually they get the same fate… Idiots like this guy want YOU to have only one shot pistols, then they’ll bitch when things get nasty and ask “WHY DON’T YOU DO SOMETHING?”… Typical whinny little piss ants..

  5. Nope. I say: just let Arnold be on his own.

    He prefers it that way.

    Problem is, like Leftists, it simply doesn’t stop at “I don’t like it, so I won’t do it.”

    It continues on with “I don’t like it, so you can’t do it either.”


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