Here we go again, BAD Israel…How dare you defend yourself.

Here we go again, BAD Israel…How dare you defend yourself.

Israel attacks Gaza, more than 155 reported killed

GAZA (Reuters) – Israeli warplanes and combat helicopters pounded the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip on Saturday, killing at least 155 people in the bloodiest day for Palestinians in more than 20 years.

Palestinian militants responded with rocket salvoes that killed an Israeli man and wounded several others, medics said.

Black smoke billowed over Gaza City, where the dead and wounded lay scattered on the ground after more than 30 air strikes destroyed several security compounds, including two where Hamas was hosting graduation ceremonies for new recruits.

Among the dead were the Hamas-appointed police chief, Tawfiq Jabber, the head of Hamas’s security and protection unit, and the governor of central Gaza, according to medical workers.

I am sure that as soon as the dust settles the dead will be 50% children, and the other 50% blind and crippled children.

You know, I am just sick of this shit. I know how it ends, I understand the biblical ramifications of the fight, but for the life of me I can’t understand the WORLD. It is so damn obvious to a low life like me, if you are attacked, you don’t take it and smile, yet that is what the world expects from Israel. Israel should just let those little rockets keep flying, they really don’t kill anyone that often.. *sigh*
FUCK THAT, I say Israel should wipe out Gaza NOW, and they better remove Hamas before Jan 20th because at that time Hamas has a friend in the White House…

Israel PLEASE for the love of GOD, REMOVE the threat to your existence with all the brutality you can muster. Our nuts have been cut by a PC society, and a will to do nothing and HOPE for CHANGE, you must act alone.

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25 Replies to “Here we go again, BAD Israel…How dare you defend yourself.”

  1. Amen brother!
    A book those Palistinian appologists should pick up (but probably won’t) is an old one by Leon Uris called “Exodus“.
    It still holds true today, and even though it’s fiction, holds alot of truths that anti-Semites don’t want people to know.

  2. Well Boo freaking hoo!! This just breaks my heart!! Yeah, it breaks my heart I tell you! It breaks my heart that Israel waited so damned long to react. The only criticism I will make is that, they took too long to act, and in MY opinion, their reaction wasn’t harsh enough! There are still Palestinians alive in the Gaza Strip, and as long as that continues to be allowed, Israel will continue to be attacked by Palestinian rockets and bomb wearing thugs!

    Israel has sat back and tried to be nice, they have tried! They have given in at every turn and what did they get for their effort?? More rocket attacks from the Palestinian pestilence in Gaza, or more homicide bombers killing innocent Jews, men, women and children, as well as many visitors to Israel.

    The Palestinians are nothing more than just another Arab, Islamic militant organization, intent on wiping Israel off the map. I have a different way of looking at threats of this nature. If an enemy threatens you, remove the threat. That is the only way to maintain YOUR peace. We, the American people, have done nothing to Islam, we didn’t attack them and kill their people by destroying Mecca, but they came to New York City and killed our people and destroyed the World Trade Center. They flew a plane into the Pentagon and killed many more innocent people! For acts such as those there must be severe retributions! Israel KNOWS how to extract that retribution!

    Palestine continues to ignore the truce that Israel signed, signed in good faith. They continue to launch rockets into Israel. Those actions can’t go unanswered. Now Israel has responded and the AP, and most media sources will once again tell us how un-PC and intolerant Israel was, and how exceedingly harsh they were in dealing with the Palestinians.

    To Israel I say this, PLEASE, continue to give the Palestinians 10 times more of this same retribution. Make them cry bitter tears. Force them to rethink their approach to living in the 21st century, or, give them the option of dying if they continue to commit their acts of violence and murder against Israel!

    To the Palestinians, and radical Islam in general, I say this, we didn’t seek this fight, YOU brought it to the American and Israeli people. Not ALL Americans are as apathetic as our current President, or the President elect. Some Americans have no qualms with wiping you from the face of this earth, not because you won’t submit to OUR way of life, but because you want to KILL us because WE won’t submit to your religion of death and hatred!

    EDIT TO ADD: GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) – Israeli warplanes retaliating for rocket fire from the Gaza Strip pounded dozens of security compounds across the Hamas-ruled territory in unprecedented waves of airstrikes Saturday, killing nearly 200 people and wounding 270 others in the single bloodiest day of fighting in years.

  3. Here’s my take on it….. Any muslim found in any territory given to Israel when they were brought back home, carrying a weapon, should be shot on site. Everyone else should be provided with U-hauls and take their asses back where they came from, historically, syria. Or the palestinians should be given the choice to stay, obeying jewish law or leave. either works, as long as the Israelites remember to enforce the law and not bow to American idiocy

  4. Hooray for the Israelites. Maybe we should take some lessons from them on how to kick ass. It seems as though jimmy carter was a big do nothing pussy and still is, then it was slick willy clinton that let them get away with killing our soldiers as long as his blow jobs didn’t get interrupted, and Now the white outhouse in washingyon dc is condeming Israel for the hamas and palestinians much needed ass kicking. I say nuke the bastards and tell the rest of the world to fuck off if they don’t like it.

  5. As I wrote:

    “This action was, in my opinion, long overdue. But now watch so-called “world opinion” prove, once again, that anti-Semitism is alive and well in all the media outlets as writers, editors and producers excoriate Israel and embrace the poor Palestinians — conveniently forgetting, of course, that Hamas lives solely for the destruction of Israel and the extermination of all Jews.”


  6. Well Boo freaking hoo!! Texas Fread got it right, there will be a day when the Jews say I have had I am not going to take it any more, :shootin: :shootin: :shootin: :finger: there you are vaporized, have a nice day

  7. DEFEND YOURSELF???? For Gods sake man, look at what they are doing, We all know HAMAS are terrorists BUT WHAT ABOUT ISRAEL…600 DEAD so far, Women Children, ect…Today the only safe place the UN SCHOOL WAS SHELLED killing 30 and injuring over 80, this was all CIVILIANS! Every time they kill someone or committ a massacre Israel simply says “were defending our self” Oh there was shooting from there. ect///WHEN WILL IT STOP! You heartless people, where is your heart when all these people are dying, again WE ARE ALL AGAINST HAMAS, but thsi is NOT ABOUT HAMAS, this is about GAZANS, people who have been under seige for 2 years, what the hell is wrong with you??? you bloody thirsty people

    1. Modern Pharaoh; I am looking at what they are doing, they are DEFENDING THEMSELVES! You say “we all know Hamas are terrorist” YET the People of Gaza elected them to run the place, They could have chosen commerce and peace, instead they chose military rule, they could have chosen to live WITH Israel instead they chose to demand her destruction. There are no innocent civilians in GAZA just like there are none in Israel as far as Hamas is concerned.
      You say the UN School was shelled? The UN school was an area that rockets came from. The Women and Children were put there for sympathy, that YOU give them. IF you shrugged and said that’s what they get for electing HAMAS, perhaps FEWER Civilians would die because it will quit working. YOU folks keep rewarding bad behavior with favors, I am of the mindset KILL them until they agree to change their behavior. Peace through superior firepower is the only way Israel can have peace. Israel needs to quit fucking around a level some shit.

      Blood thirsty? Now think about that for a minute. IF the terrorist got nothing for using women and children as shields the first time. DO you think they would still do it? HELL NO. They are playing on your sympathy and they have ran out of it from me.

    2. I am guessing that you’re really not going to like MY solution to the Palestinian infestation…

      Kill em ALL, man woman and child, they won’t launch anymore rockets that way…

  8. Modern Pharaoh,
    I ain’t American, but I second Rob on that. Perhaps along with spreading your stupid ideals, you might consider improving your English. :finger: :hole:

  9. Go Israel ^ keep going. Take Gaza back! Take Golon Heights Back! Take Jerusalem 100% No longer take the murderous acts of the Nazis and Arabs because we have all seen the same results happen. Give the land away, get killed again and again. No more 40 years in the desert. Israel is yours, kick there ass far back into Jordan and never let them back. They are bloodthirsty murderers and will never change. GO GO GO GO ISRAEL!! I LOVE YOU!

    1. Amen Pepe, I wish Israel would really open up and kick ass, they have been oppressed long enough. Oppression is not just a Muslim problem its an Israeli issue too, they have been ducking rocket fire and splodies from Nazi like idiots for far too long.

  10. Ignorance is bliss i guess! you people talk like absolute Animals..while ISrael is slaughtering over a thousand in Gaza now..Do you know why the Palestinians are even in GAZA, do you know what REFUGEES MEAN? do you know why they elected Hamas? do you know the entire situation? while children are getting killed by the droves you sit here and think this is PEACE…Hamas are terrorists and i agree but what about Israel’s actions??? The audience here is American, so disconnected with the truth, and so overwhelmed by the one sidedness of the Media and Israeli PR companies..

    1. @Modern Pharaoh;
      You said this stupid shit along with all the other stupid shit But I’ll tackle this one:

      Hamas are terrorists and i agree but what about Israel’s actions??? The audience here is American, so disconnected with the truth, and so overwhelmed by the one sidedness of the Media and Israeli PR companies..

      Lets see, Israel LEFT Gaza in 05. Israel was promised peace for land. Those wonderful Palestinians decided to elect HAMAS rather than elect a POSSIBLE Peaceful co-existence. They elected a MILITANT wing of IRAN in Israel’s backyard. Israel decided They would not talk with a group whose main charter states ISRAEL CANNOT EXIST. I guess Israel was wrong…NOT!
      Do I know the whole story? You fucking douchebag read the threads, I have schooled every one of you fucknozzles on the WHOLE story, you guys are practicing SELECTIVE HISTORY REMEMBRANCE. That is cured with a quick boot to the head and you have arrived at the doctors office.

      ISRAEL PR Companies? See this is the problem with our education system people, they teach Feeling, emotions and rewrite facts on our youth and we, those that went to REAL schools and listened to REAL teachers that taught in ENGLISH, and taught REAL history, not the PC version of liberal belief pay the price.

      Modern Pharaoh get a clue, get out from behind the professors desk and check a few facts. CHECK History, CHECK Israeli aggression???… BY being placed in a land by the WORLD, it was subject to Arab/Egypt/Syrian onslaught from inception and they have had to fight ever since… I am for one solution that would fix the whole problem and save MILLIONS of lives over the next 100 years… Are you ready???? LEVEL GAZA and Lebanon.. We will lose 500k or so NOW but over the last 60 years we have lost at least that many due to the Muslim horde mentality.

      Right now I am saying it publicly and so everyone can understand the PROBLEM IS NOT SOLVABLE, the sides are at in impasse, and it is time to finish the fight, get it over with and the strongest one should prevail. By fighting to win and win decisively Israel would save lives in the long run, therefore my idea should win me the Nobel peace prize…

    2. Modern sandnigger, do you think we CARE why the Pallies are there?? No, we don’t…

      And what do you call over 1,000 dead Pallies??


  11. @Robert: Israel never left Gaza, they just dismantled the settlements and then surrounded the city, and put a blockade on it. You say i was educated the wrong way, and that i need a USA education, well guess what, i did recieve my education in the USA! i get to see both sides, i’m on the side of humanity, Israel has the right to exist and i respect that country, but they can’t exist while stepping on the Palestinians, learn the truth, the truth is far from what you think. Number speak for themselves, number of dead since 2000, illegal settlements, ect…many always say the Jews returned to their land after 2000 years, well what about the people that lived there during that time>? why are they regarded as animals to you people?

    @Texas fred: your comment is not surprising coming from a redneck, calling me a “Sand-Nigger” I mean a man your age should not talk like this, have some cooth and act like a humanbeing…I am sure you have no college degree, no manners, morals and you have probably not left your little hik town…why else would talk the way you do!

    1. @MP: Uh they dismantled the settlements, they removed their forces, and they allowed the Palestinians to make a choice for peace and commerce or war, they chose hamas and by that association the only logical choice was to secure their border. IF Mexico was over run by drug crazed thugs and they had a charter that San Diego can not exist, and they kept sending burros over the border armed with explosives, I would bet even GWB would have stopped all border crossings and trade with Mexico. It is the right of all nations to trade with WHOM they choose, Israel and the world chooses not to trade with Hamas. Your education and so called truth is a fallacy. Your views are skewed with out logic and that’s why you continue to catch a beat down every time you come here. Now leave me I grow tired of you.

    2. Just call em like I see em SAND NIGGER!! As long as you come here in support of the Goddamned Palestinians, you shall remain a SAND NIGGER in my estimation… Sucks huh??

  12. @Texas Fred: what sucks? i don’t care what some backwoods old washed out redneck uneducated idiot calls me! I support Humanity, fuck Hamas and fuck Israel, over 1100 palestinians have been killed over 250 children, in 2006 1500 lebanese killed, ect….idiots like you KNOW NOTHING about the origins of this conflict! you’ve probably barley got a High School education at!

    1. over 1100 palestinians have been killed over 250 children, in 2006 1500 lebanese killed, ect

      damn good start huh SAND NIGGER?? It’s a damned shame that YOU weren’t one of the fatalities… The insult towards my parents was removed SAND NIGGER, and will stay removed… One more like that and you will be gone too…

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