Happy DAYS!!!

Happy DAYS!!!

Finally the California Court ruled like it should, with the PEOPLE! The ban on Gay marriage has been upheld. They did the usual libtard compromise and allowed those Married in the absence of common sense to remain married.

All I got to say is Way to Go Mrs California, and Perez “Flaming butt pirate” Hilton GFY!

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7 Replies to “Happy DAYS!!!”

  1. Pfft! NOW has never given a flying flip for women, in general. Only CERTAIN women get their defense. Come to think of it, they sure wouldn’t rush to my defense either. 😕 Gee, wonder why?

  2. You haven’t seen the death of this, though; it will be BACK as another proposition and, my guess is, the proposition will be PURPOSELY written so as to be VERY difficult to properly interpret, so that persons will vote improperly if they DO wish to keep marriage between one man and one woman.

    In Fornicalia, the issue is FAR from dead. If anyone thinks this is the end of the matter, you’re quite wrong.


  3. Yep BZ, I know.. Losers of the will of the people propositions always take it to court, and we refuse to learn from past mistakes. Prop 187 got overturned too, look how that has helped California…Can’t wait for them to turn this over too.. It will be a battle in 2010 for the fags. We gotta keep at them the Miss California thing really helped OUR cause, it showed who the tolerant side was.

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