Gun Violence in Gun Ban Zone

Gun Violence in Gun Ban Zone

If the gun control freaks were HONEST they’d see the FACTS. But honesty isn’t a strong suit for the “Feel Good” legislative crowd.

Mayhem in the city: 25 people shot in 48 hours

Three killed Sunday after three were killed Saturday. One of the wounded includes an 11-year-old girl who will never walk again.

That headline is from NEW YORK. Yep, that New York, the Nanny State city Bloomburg ran sewer that is only comparable to LA or Frisco.

As a pro Gun advocate, I see incidents like these in a real world view. I see the totality of the incidents not just the “Gun” part. I see the WHO did the shooting and WHO was shot. The 11 yr old girl is the saddest part of the story and no gun around her was likely to save her. BUT and this where MY GUN FREEDOM MENTALITY KICKS IN. Had the shooters been concerned about the potential for ARMED RESPONSE from the public, maybe they wouldn’t have been shooting in the first place. MAYBE.


But what isn’t MAYBE is that Mayor Bloomburg’s gun control vision ISN’T WORKING nor will it ever work. Criminals get guns, Criminals don’t do background checks, Criminals don’t obey laws. Making MORE LAWS for them to break isn’t and has never worked. DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT. AZ did and the entire state is experiencing ALL TIME LOW homicide by gun stats. How about give what does work a try?

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2 Replies to “Gun Violence in Gun Ban Zone”

  1. You haven’t mentioned this, but I’ll bet none of the guns used were legally owned. Because New York has among the strictest gun laws.

    1. Yep Woody, notice the stats in places like NY/Chicago/Detroit/LA compare to cities where the state has limited gun control measures allowing individuals their RIGHTS

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