Gun Control you say? Assault rifle you say?

Gun Control you say? Assault rifle you say?

Well, it didn’t take long for the super gun grabbers to “Move on” and go “Forward” with their agenda driven, knee jerk policy push did it?


We have a couple of options. “WE” being People who believe the RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS is self evident and requires ZERO explanation as to its meaning. “WE” being people who will die defending those rights. (There will be blood, right unions?)

Option 1: Fight tooth and nail against every government action involving firearm regulation. 

Option 2: Allow SOME regulation to protect other facets of firearms.

What is about to happen is this. Mark this down because I’ll be alluding to it often in the coming days.

The NRA will capitulate to some regulation is needed it will involve some sort of magazine capacity or rifle style. The government will tout the NRA’s “Willingness” to move on the issue as progress. 

Now, IF this happens, I will renounce my NRA membership. I have seen the baby steps from start till now in California. Option ONE is the only option. WE FIGHT EVERYTHING out of the mouths of these hypocrites in suits regarding guns. NOTHING other than REMOVING gun regulations that have already been enacted need to be discussed.

Let me tell you where I am with this entire situation. The only discussion that needs to be had after the tragedy in Newtown is MENTAL HEALTH and CRIME AND PUNISHMENT. 


We can discuss what to do with the nutjobs, how we determine someone is a nutjob and the responsibility of the Fed/state/county/city to care for said nutjob. I have NO PROBLEM WITH THAT DISCUSSION.

We can discuss criminal punishment, we can discuss the fact that prisons are no longer feared as a punishment. We can make prison time HARD, rather than an institution of higher learning for criminals. We can discuss USING the death penalty for crimes involving guns. We can discuss all of this. What I will not discuss is losing MY RIGHT to own an AR-15 because some asshole did something disgusting.

There’s a lot of talk about the “Need” for an AR15. Let me put that to bed right now.

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Cops have AR15’s MP4’s and even some M16’s. They have some very heavy firepower at their disposal. Why do they need them? If you say to protect US, you’re too stupid to breathe. It’s to protect THEM. And let me say, they do NEED THEM. While your every day American doesn’t go out looking for the bad guy like cops do, your everyday American is always  LOOKED FOR BY CRIMINALS! 


While an AR15 isn’t the most effective home defense weapon for INSIDE your home, it’s DAMN GOOD at stopping criminals BEFORE THEY GET IN!…

The best homeowner tools for home security are, at least one decent caliber handgun, one short barreled shotgun, a high caliber rifle and a multi-use semi-automatic rifle, the AR fits the last one perfectly if you own a lot of land. And those are MINIMUM standards for home security in my humble opinion.

Let me tell you something else that you may have forgot, we had the opportunity to stop the gun grabbing. We had the ability to put the adults in control. Many of you decided that Romney wasn’t conservative enough. While I agreed with that assertion, I voted for him and a total R ticket this year. Not because of the economy. But because of the SCOTUS appointments to come. Many people said “Obama wasn’t coming after guns”… Welcome to reality. Regardless of Newtown, Obama was already laying groundwork with Rahm over Chicago’s violence. Newtown just gave him more ammunition (Excuse the pun) Now the fight is for our very lives and the ability to protect it.

Molon Labe.

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11 Replies to “Gun Control you say? Assault rifle you say?”

  1. Kicked those wasteful idiots at the NRA to the curb long ago. GOA puts more of their donations to work than the NRA does. If you ever go to the DC area, be sure to stop by the NRA’s headquarters, browse through the pitiful little “museum” they have there, and take a peek at the plush digs they built for themselves with our donations.

    Far left SCOTUS appointments are now a given after the dumbshit sheep voted for four more years of damage from the narcissist in chief. Gun grabbing is a certainty, and our fine RINOs in the House will probably bend over and go along with it. We’re screwed six ways from Sunday.

  2. Your days with your beloved AR15 look numbered and why anyone needs such a gun is beyond me! common sense will prevail and you will soon loose your right to keep it legally. Never mind, I’m sure you will get over it one day.

    1. *lose

      It’s not surprising that you have no idea why anybody would need one; you rely on the government for everything. Now put your head back in the sand like a good little serf.

  3. Hi Fred, people like you and Robert are really quit pathetic with your insults. You appear to be very concerned that, with the death of these poor children, you may not be able to shoot with a gun at a rate of 4 bullets per second and reload after a mere 10 rounds. Get over it!

    1. *quite

      Your lack of real knowledge about firearms is almost as pathetic as those wanting to create even more legislation in a feeble attempt to “control” them.

      Anybody that has ever owned more land than a shitty little yard in a housing tract knows that a semi-automatic rifle is ideal for home defense when longer range is an issue. Ask those ranchers that live on our wide-open southern border how they feel about a magazine capacity limit, or rates of fire.

  4. Arnold, this is why Americans can’t have an honest debate. You don’t have a fucking clue about firearms or laws already on the books. 4 rounds per sec is an AUTOMATIC Firearm type that is already outlawed unless you have the proper FFL. Reloading after 10 rounds? Well, that’s how it is here in CA for law abiding folks. Funny, there’s 30 round and higher capacity magazines being found all over the place out here. How can that be, they are illegal.

    Pathetic with insults? The insults are to our intelligence realizing there are dumbfucks like you out there who are WRITING POLICY. You morons don’t know the difference between a magazine and a clip, or a 9mm handgun from an AUTOMATIC weapon. Yet expect us be okay with a new gun law… Don’t worry though, if it ever came to it, I wouldn’t use my AR to save your life and I hope no military person uses their M16 to save it either. People like you will be food when the shit hits the fan. Stay close to politicians they may protect you.

    1. The AR15 can be fitted with a Slide Fire and then it will easily fire at 4 rounds per second, but hey it’s only a semi automatic so I suppose that doesn’t count. A lot of people out there support a ban on assault weapons, perhaps not on your web site though.

  5. And there you have it Arnie.. From two Military/Law enforcement men, The bandaids for those wounds are located in the cabinet next to your midol. Wake up

  6. Arnold, Can you define “Assault weapon?” That would be fun. Let me just tell you… A .22 caliber rifle at big 5 looks exactly like an AR15 are we going to ban rifles that look like that? Because they’re scary looking?… I really wish folks would look at the facts and reason bans won’t work.

    I find it funny, the very same folks who want to ban guns/ammo/soda/movies/games or whatever are the very same folks who tell us “A fence on our border won’t work because they’ll build ladders” Heroin/Meth/Cocaine are banned too… Bans don’t work in an open society, they create a market.

    The “Illegal gun” trade boomed during the first ban of “Assault weapons” The “Banned Guns were shipped in/built/modified etc. Columbine happened during the ban. But facts elude folks I guess.

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