Gun Control Legislation NOT DEAD.

Gun Control Legislation NOT DEAD.

Anyone who thought the gun grabbers would back off after the background check bill died in the senate is an idiot. Most Freedom loving Americans KNOW that the left is in an orgasmic state that it came within a couple of votes of INFRINGING.

The NRA show in Houston is happening now. The NRA is the last stand. The NRA and a few lesser known Gun Rights organizations are all that stands between US and THEM. Join one or all NOW. The misinformation and outright lies need to be challenged and corrected. NOW.


We have very few senators we can count on. We put a couple in place during the last election Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Rand Paul. And we lost a few after dinner with the king. McCain and Graham.

This rant I’m about to go on isn’t about anything other than GUN CONTROL legislation. But I’ll tie it in to a few other bills up for votes.

We have Ted Cruz challenging Joe Biden to a debate. That would be great. Ted Cruz would bring FACTS, Joe Biden would bring EMOTIONS. Joe Biden and the media would set the ground rules that FACTS are not allowed.

armed vs disarmed

What we have here is a manipulation of data to the point of ridiculousness. You hear the lapdog media using the 90% number of Americans that wanted that gun control bill passed. IT IS BLATANTLY FALSE. 90% of LIBERALS/PROGRESSIVES want that bill passed. Which is bad if you think about it. It means 10% of even the FURTHEST LEFT idiots don’t want it.


There is ZERO doubt that the particular gun bill that McCain/Graham and other Republicans voted FOR, would have ANY CHANCE OF STOPPING THE NEXT SHOOTING SPREE. ZERO-ZIP-NADA, all it would do is make US the legal gun owners jump through more hoops to exercise our rights.

We the people have a choice, we can exercise and defend our rights or we can sit back and hope the powers that be don’t herd us into rail cars at some point. AND THIS ISN’T ABOUT OBAMA. What about the next POTUS? The one after him? The POTUS when we’re all dead? We elected a guy with ZERO experience and a shady past because he spoke well. Hitler spoke well. What makes you think that in 2060 or so, another one worse than Obama will be elected and there’s NO 2nd amendment left? Our family is the ones that pay the price for our inaction.


The chipping away of our constitutional rights has become the cornerstone of the democrat party. They must disarm us. They must do everything they can to control us. This is their doctrine. Anyone who says it is “Paranoid” but ask yourself which states ran by democrats do you feel free to exercise your rights? 32 oz soda? Transfats? Gun purchases? Magazine limits? Highest taxes? Most government?


Think about this: Not only are the democrats pushing to disarm us, at the very same time they are wanting to LEGALIZE ILLEGALS. They got RINO’s help too. Why? The very same people who push for shorter prison sentences are pushing to disarm the public. The very same people who are pushing to legalize illegals are also against voter ID laws? If they’re made legal can we then have Voter ID LAWS? Hell no that’s racist. IF we give into background checks, can we get RIGHT TO OPEN CARRY IN EVERY STATE? Hell no that’s crazy.


Basically this is what we have. We have people in office who want to disarm YOU. NOT because you may shoot up a school or because you may shoot yourself. It’s because eventually they are going to cross a line that makes the American people STAND and it’s better if they are unarmed.

All the other bullshit you are hearing about “Why we need this law” is exactly that. BULLSHIT.

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4 Replies to “Gun Control Legislation NOT DEAD.”

  1. Most Americans probably think North Korea and Iran are our greatest threats. Not so in my opinion as I see the currently ruling Left as our biggest threat. Who needs enemies when you destroy yourself from within?

  2. I’ll tell you a little secret. 90% of liberals don’t want it passed either, at least the ones not in Hollywood. I know a lot of liberals and ALL of them are as mad about this as we are.

    1. I don’t know Woody, I think 90% of liberals do want it passed. 90% of liberals are emotionally based. They act on emotion rather than facts. They see “Feelings” as the deciding factor in any action. Look at California for example in liberal emotional legislation. Maybe you run across the 10% in your AO. In my area, liberpukes are pretty much okay with what ever dear leader wants to do.

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