Gruber offers late Gift…

Gruber offers late Gift…

Now, let me preface this by saying Mr Gruber is 100% correct on one thing. The voters who would be okay with Obamacare are ignorant voters. And let this sink in, Obamacare was passed with deception, lies, back room deals and bribes yet ZERO Republicans supported it. So, when Mr Gruber says, “Voters are stupid” he was obviously talking about those who supported it. NOT REPUBLICANS/CONSERVATIVES/LIBERTARIANS who railed against it from the start.

Now there are four video’s of the architect of Obamacare talking about the deception, the lies it took to pass this disaster. But don’t worry you dumb voters, you’re not smart enough to understand what’s best for you. Only the elite democrats from their perch above you know what is best for you. Just submit and comply.

Then there is Nancy Pelosi who said today “I have never heard of Mr Gruber” Yet in 2009 she cited his study as reason that Obamacare should be passed.

See that story here 

“You can keep your doctor” “You can keep your plan” “This healthcare plan will not be for Undocumented immigrants” “You have to pass it to find out what’s in it” “It will save you 2,500 dollars” and the list goes on. The lies that have been told in order for this travesty to pass were epic. And because of the actions within the democrat party, it will be unlikely that another big law will ever be signed needed or not. Which isn’t a bad thing IMO.


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