Ground Zero.. Ferguson.

Ground Zero.. Ferguson.

I have waited to post on the Ferguson issue, as I’m a fan of letting evidence and facts evolve past the emotional outbreak… So here goes. (Note to the perpetually offended, you will be offended again)

Mike Brown was an 18yr old man. He was a big dude. he was not a little kid, he was not a choir boy, he was not a boy scout, he wasn’t a college student, a honors student a volunteer at homeless shelters. He was an 18yr old man who had just committed a felony via strong arm robbery of a store. This is a fact. Non debatable, discussion on what Mike Brown did in the minutes prior to his being shot is KNOWN.

Darren Wilson was not a member or leader of the Ku Klux Klan. He was not a rogue cop with a racism problem. He wasn’t an abusive cop, he wasn’t a man who got up in the morning and said “Today, I’m going kill a black man because I have this badge and this gun and I can” He is a cop who went to work, like every other day, pays his bills, raises his family and answers calls for help for a living.

So with those two players involved in this incident, you will have to forgive me if I give the cop a little leeway before I jump to a conclusion about what happened.

To this incident: The facts that are known:  A man walking down the street was stopped by a cop. After the incident there was a man laying dead in the street and cop was visibly shaken. That’s ALL WE KNOW.

We have eye witness testimony of people who didn’t see anything until after the shooting. We have a friend of Mike Brown who was an accomplice to the strong arm robbery telling his story. And we have a dumbass police chief who has no clue how to run an investigation. We also have a community who hates and distrust cops.

I know this and any normal thinking person will agree. IF Mike Brown doesn’t commit the Strong Arm Robbery, the Cop doesn’t stop him in the street and Mike Brown is alive today.

the FBI is now investigating this incident. Which means IF Darren Wilson (The Cop) was not a Gay, Illegal Immigrant, Obama donor he’s about to get butt raped.

The DOJ is ran by a man who allowed the black panthers to intimidate voters. Do you really think he’s going to let a white cop off with this guilty or not? I don’t.

Sorry Darren Wilson, you’re done dude. My advice is run for the hills. No matter what happened you’ve already been tried in a court of the White House like Zimmerman, Like the cop who “Acted stupidly” you’re already guilty of being white and an authority figure.


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4 Replies to “Ground Zero.. Ferguson.”

  1. The race baiting was off the charts the instant this event occurred. Al $harpton broke all known speed records getting his half a cent of racist drivel on the record and heading to the scene of the hate crime. This is nauseatingly familiar, and I so badly want to slap the hell out of these racist dolts that hypocritically scream “racism” at the top of their lungs with no basis or facts, simply because the cop was white.

    One item that you did not mention was that there was another witness who claims that Brown shoved the cop into his car and a struggle ensued…I’m not the brightest bulb on the tree, but when a man is struggling with a cop and a gunshot is heard, what do you think they were struggling for? It doesn’t take any great leaps to come to a sensible conclusion, but, as you said, no real facts yet to substantiate any of the eyewitness accounts. It would be nice if somebody reliable had witnessed the events, but that’s hoping for a lot. If they did, they probably wouldn’t come forward for fear of the professional victims attacking them in large number.

    1. You’re right of course BZ. But if they hang the cop it will be justice, if he’s innocent then its not justice. Mike Brown or AKA “Dindu Nuffin” was unarmed and shot because he was black, no other reason is possible in the race baiter’s minds.

  2. Darren Wilson, in no case, will be able to go back to Ferguson, either to work or to raise a family. He will never be able to go back to that house, that street, that town, even if he is found completely innocent and the riots run down to zero again.

    In truth, there probably won’t be many departments, if any, that will hire him in that state or surrounding states. He will have to leave the area entirely and — even then — he will be followed by the Race Baiters and Race Pimps until the day he dies.

    It’s not fair, it’s not right, but it’s the world be live in. In Mr Obama’s Post-Racial World, the innocent are guilty and the guilty are innocent.

    This country is coming to a violent head, on this and many other issues. Demorats don’t know when to stop pushing for expanded Government, expanded control, and expanded rule of your life on every level. Race is just one of many.


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