GOP Establishment Declares War on Tea Party

GOP Establishment Declares War on Tea Party

Well, it didn’t take long to see the effects of RINOism. The disease is rather contagious I guess.

Speaker Rebukes Tea Party:

Read the full story if you need to, click the above link. One of the quotes that stuck in my head was this little gem:

“They’re misleading their followers,” Boehner, R-Ohio, told reporters at the Capitol. “I just think that they’ve lost all credibility.”

“Misleading” Their followers? So, Congressmen and Women who were elected in 2010 based tea party principles, that swung the balance of power so that Mr Boehner could take the gavel from Nancy (Hag in the house) Pelosi are now misleading? The very people who gave you the power to RESTRAIN Obama’s Government are now not credible?

If it is a war we must have, then let it be in my time so that my kids do not have to fight.

This is the bottom line for me. You can stand with me, or you can continue down the status quo path. The path that we are STILL on is unsustainable and WE ALL KNOW IT. We demand a change of direction and we will not allow Democrat or Republicans to continue this dive into the abyss.

In 2014, I support every primary challenger to every Republican RINO who voted for this new “Deal” Everyone of the RINO’s who failed to stand with Senator Ted Cruz during the Government shut down battle. You remember Senator Ted Cruz right? The one who wanted to negotiate with Obama about Obamacare, who refused to vote to fund it when he was elected to fight it. You know that guy right? The one that was VINDICATED every day since October 1st. He was RIGHT and every RINO in DC knows it. They didn’t support him and now they fear they are out of their jobs in 2014. THEY ARE!

IF the RINO’s survive the Primary, then I will be abstaining from voting for the first time in my life. The reason is simple. IF the same RINO is sent back to congress to do the work of Democrats, might as well be a Democrat in the seat. I just can’t vote Democrat so, I’ll take myself out of the action.

I hope the message is sent in the primaries. If its not clear enough, then say hello to Madam President Hillary Clinton in 2016. Scary huh? Yep.

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2 Replies to “GOP Establishment Declares War on Tea Party”

  1. I went off on MY Congressional Rep for embracing this crap called a budget compromise and Friday AM I had email from his staff wanting to know when was a good time for him to call me so we could talk and so he could tell me how much smarter he and Congress is than all of us *simple people*..

    I never even responded to the email… Piss on the GOP establishment, I am done with them…

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