George Bush, A Class Act.

George Bush, A Class Act.

I was as critical of GWB during his presidency as many left of center folks were. I hated some of his misguided compromises and his RINOism during the later years of his terms. While I understand he had to move left in 2006 to get anything done due to losing both houses of congress. The point of this post is not to rehash George Bush’s Presidency, this post is about the class George Bush has shown to the office of the president and to the people of the United States.

George and Laura Bush made a surprise appearance in DFW to meet and greet returning soldiers. Not a lot of fan fare, no media frenzy, no interview with news stations. Just shaking hands and hugging the warriors coming home.

Since GWB has left office, the ruling class has been relentless in blaming him for everything wrong in the world. They came to power by pointing the finger at one man as the cause of the worlds ills, and pointing to themselves as the cure.

Here we are 2 years later. Spent more money that GWB did in his entire presidency, the economy is arguably in worse shape, job losses are continuing, the war in Afghanistan is going poorly even after the surge (Because of the ROE’s and lack of leadership at the top) Iraq was in better shape in 2008 than it is now, corruption is running rampant in DC and the list goes on. YET, GWB has been silent. He’s not came out ONCE in 2 years to criticize the sitting POTUS, nor has he came out to defend the charges that have been leveled at him by the POTUS.

I ask anyone, left or right… Do you think when Obama’s term is up, he will exhibit this much class? Do you believe Obama will take the criticism and remain silent when we get his commie ass out of office? Do you think Obama will do what NO OTHER DEMOCRAT FORMER POTUS HAS DONE, and allow the POTUS to work unobstructed from criticism by the former POTUS? I’m placing a huge bet that Obama will be in front of every camera criticizing every decision, policy and move that the next POTUS makes.

GWB is showing a LARGE amount of class. Thank you sir.

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2 Replies to “George Bush, A Class Act.”

  1. Excellent post, Rob.

    He’s had more opportunity to bash the monkey brains out of this current administration than should ever be afforded to anyone, but indeed, he has kept his mouth shut and let the bonehead do his thang, unfortunately that thang is running us into the ground.

    1. Yeah it’s too bad a lot of folks can’t get passed their Bush derangement syndrome and see the class he’s showing. I just hope folks look back on this time after Obama gets voted out. He’ll be on camera EVERYDAY pushing liberpuke agenda items that failed AGAIN. Like GWB or Hate him. He’s shone the class that the office of the POTUS SHOULD be due.

      Regardless of how much of the current state of our nation is his fault, he’s been very admirable by staying out of the fray.

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