Gas Prices, Islam, History and Repeat.

Gas Prices, Islam, History and Repeat.

Since the raging Ragheads are still raging over a perceived “Wrong” committed against a book. I thought it appropriate to bring a little more TRUTH to the discussion. The truth being, Islam as an entity in the world has been hijacked to some degree. While I DO SERIOUSLY believe that Islam is a cult. All Cults are not dangerous. And I also know there are some fine Americans who happen to believe the Quran is the truth. While I disagree with them on philosophical and spiritual lines, they have that right as Americans.

Islam as it is practiced in the Middle East is NOT compatible with the 21st Century. It will never be compatible. Afghanistan for all of our effort will NEVER be anything more than a 7th century country and the population of those nations do not wish to evolve.

Let’s understand a couple things. Islam is at war within the religion and without. Sunni’s Shiite’s all kinds of different factions within them and all kinds of fragmentations along tribal lines in the very rural areas like Somalia, Afghanistan etc.. The only thing that binds them together is the enemy. We are the enemy. Any nation which doesn’t bow to the Islamic teachings without question is the enemy. To which extent the enemy is hated varies. We Americans have sided with Israel so we are the sworn enemy of Islamic Radicals across the globe.

Those three paragraphs are just to set this up:

How do you deal with the enemy if you don’t understand or comprehend the enemy? You can’t fight an enemy if you can’t name the enemy can you? How long have we been putting up with Islamic destruction/terrorism? I’ll be nice, 40 years. I’m setting something up hang in there.

40 years ago or so, Iran was holding hostages, gas prices through the roof, gas lines, inflation, high unemployment and the talk was “We need to get off the tit of foreign oil”….

We’ve been openly and covertly fighting with Islam at the very least that long.

it is 40 years later, gas prices are through the roof, inflation, high unemployment and the talk is “we need to get off foreign oil..

Now in that time we had other pressing issues, Soviet Union to be the biggest one I guess. But what exactly are we doing now to make sure in 40 more years we won’t be dealing with the same problems? Absolutely nothing.

A lot has changed in the last 40 years, we’ve made extraordinary strides in oil discovery and retrieval of that oil. We’ve decided to continue dealing with these 7th century neanderthals to feed our oil addiction. We’ve decided it’s better to PURCHASE oil from countries that hate us and make some in those nations very wealthy than to produce our own and not deal with them. We decided to dance with the devil rather than remove the devil from OUR lives.

Let’s look at the devil I speak of: The Commander in Iran who says “burning the White House is the only way to atone for the Quran burning” The latest example of Islamic rage in the “Stans.” The Cartoon Riots, the beheadings, the hangings, the church burnings, the terrorism, etc, etc, etc…

What has this “Dance” actually saved over all these years? We have basically just prolonged the inevitable. Appeasing the “enemy” like Chamberlain did the Nazi’s. Or Appeasing them like so many of our POTUS’s have done is not that different. Every act of civility toward the Islamic religion from CIVILIZED nations is met at some point with more terrorism or destruction and certain deaths of innocent people. We never seem to learn.

How’s this for a prediction: (Now this only applies if Americans wake up and vote Obama out) The next POTUS will use a stronger hand in the beginning. And more Islamic rage will ensue. We will continue purchasing oil and continue doing back door deals with who ever happens to be the most angry at the time… The dance continues.

It’s coming to America folks, there’s going to be a serious “American Spring” OWS looks like the odds on favorite to be what folks think it will look like. I got news for you folks. The “American Spring” that is on deck will make OWS look like a girl scout meeting… America is not immune to the yearning for freedom from tyrants. There’s going to be a spark here at some point. Not sure what, where or when it’s going to happen but it’s coming.

Be careful out there folks.




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2 Replies to “Gas Prices, Islam, History and Repeat.”

  1. It is very frustrating right now. In my opinion the latest deaths of the US Officers in Kabul are a result of the over apologizing going on from our leadership. This continues to inspire the Jihad. They, the savages, only respect power and force and we continually show them weakness.

    1. jb, Exactly. dealing with thugs and bullies you never show weakness. The Islamic cult in the Middle east and Asia are the example of bullies. Think about it for a minute: Who do they target? Women, gays, anyone who doesn’t subscribe their ideological views. In Afghanistan, the Russians went in to help a marxist-lennonist government against a pro-western philosophy movement. The last hope Afghanistan had died when Bin Laden had Ahmad Shah Massoud killed. He was the last possible hope for Afghanistan to move into the 21st century. Afghanistan needs a leader to drag it’s people away from the savages and into modern times. Not likely.

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