Gang of Six, Knife Republicans in the back….

Gang of Six, Knife Republicans in the back….

Well it’s been a long day, I get home and find out the HOUSE passed Cut-Cap and Balance. KUDOS to the HOUSE of Reps. Well done.

Then the knife in the back of AMERICANS came…

The “Gang of 6” the “Bi-partisan” group in the senate have came up with a saving plan… Um. No. They came up with a hail Mary for “Duh Won” and I seriously hope people in the states these idiots represent remember it come election time. But they won’t. They will read the spin and believe the hype. They will continue to put the same idiots back in power… I know I live in CALIFORNIA. The “Great Awakening” is not happening in America. It’s not happening because the sheep are being fed. They are being fed B.S but fed just the same.

Good Luck America come September I’m betting on a major crash of our economy.

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